One of Folz's #darthdays panels

Gerard (George) Folz ’10 is all over the press for his latest project #darthdays.

This daily project involves Folz taking scenes from Star Wars and turning them into comic panels. 

#darthdays has, so far, been featured by Time, MTV, the A.V. Club, Den of Geek, and Laughing Squid.

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Displacement by J.M. Culver, courtesy of

J. M. Culver ’06 was awarded a $10,000 Artist Initiative Grant from the MN State Arts Board for 2015.

Her project includes a new series of large-scale figurative paintings, behind-the-scenes video documentation, a preview of works-in-progress during Art-A-Whirl in May, and a solo exhibition at the end of the year.

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Sree Nair 14, MFA

Sree Nair ’14, MFA, was awarded a Bell Museum of Natural History Artist Residency.

Osla Thomason's photo in the calendar

MFA student Yin (Jo) Yeh and staff member Osla Thomason are each featured in the Whittier Alliance's calendar that is distributed to residents of the Whittier neighborhood every year.

Incoming fall 2015 student Drew Brix

Incoming fall 2015 student Drew Brix was featured on the front page of his school's paper The Bridges for receiving an admittance and a scholarship from MCAD.

Ulana Zahajkewycz at the grand opening of Carnival of Collectables

Ulana Zahajkewycz ’03, MFA, recently opened an antiques and art mall called the Carnival of Collectables in Sicklerville, New Jersey.

Wall of red heels presented in Cheri Gaulke's exhibition

Alum Cheri Gaulke's interactive video installation Peep Totter Fly will be featured in the group exhibition WonderWomen at the University of Minnesota.

Love you, Meryl.

You asked, we answered.

After sharing a post about what to expect your first semester at MCAD, students wanted to know about their last semester at MCAD. Here we go . . .

HOT TEA on Sesame Street

Eric Rieger, aka HOT TEA, teamed up with Sesame Street to create one of his trademark installations for the their new website.

MCAD Commencement Photo

The class of December 2014 celebrates the completion of their degrees in the departments of fine arts, media arts, design, and entrepreneurial studies.

Of the Night by Luisa Rivera

Current student Luisa Rivera sat down with Modern Midwest to talk about her surreal illustrations.

MCAD's Pre-College Summer Session

Liz Allen, a Pre-College Summer Session alum, describes her experience in the program for high school sophomores, juniors, and seniors.

Photo by Christopher Ludtke

Christopher Ludtke '92 is featured in the Minneapolis Photo Center's latest exhibition.

Inverse Echo will take place in the MIA's MAEP galleries

Faculty member Jonathan Kaiser will be hosting an opening for his exhibition at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts tonight.

Still-life drawing by Joe Sinness

Check out work from Joe Sinness ’05, MFA, at the Edward J. and Helen Jane Morrison Gallery.

Samantha French's work on Single, Carefree, Mellow

Alum Samantha French's artwork is featured on the cover of Katherine Heiny's latest book Single, Carefree, Mellow.

Rongbuk by Betsy Ruth Byers

Betsy Ruth Byers ’08, MFA, is showcasing her work solo exhibition Indeterminate Present at the Kolman & Pryor Gallery.

MCAD received a total of 20 awards in the competition

The Society of Illustrators of Los Angeles announced the results of the Illustration West 53 Competition and MCAD received a total of twenty awards.

​Congratulations to the following MCADians for receiving awards, and special mention to Ann Macarayan who ​took the Silver Award:

Pathway Series by Roman Verostko

Roman Verostko has been getting some great coverage lately. Verostko is an MCAD professor emeritus and an artist widely known for his algorithmic art. 

Of Other Paths (Heterotopia), (oil on panel,)  by Leslie Barlow

Current MFA students Leslie Barlow, Patience Lekien, Amber Newman, and John Matsunaga will be featured in the upcoming Hypervisible (Invisible) exhibition at the Hopkins Center for Arts. 

Work by Robert Barber, courtesy of

Robert Barber ’48 will host a retrospective exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Tucson.

Barber has been creating art for nearly three-quarters of a century and continues to create work on a daily basis.

The Longing, 2008, by Julie Buffalohead

Julie Buffalohead ’95 is showcasing her work at the Minnesota Museum of American Art.

Micah, 2009, courtesy of Benjamin Fredrickson and Daniel Cooney Fine Art NY

Benjamin Fredrickson ’03 will be showcasing his photographs at Daniel Cooney Fine Art, New York, starting today.

Work by Lynda Monick-Isenberg

Faculty member Lynda Monick-Isenberg and Chelsea Kelly will host the opening reception for Collected and Contained in Silverwood Park on Thursday, January 8.