The Guerrilla Girls will soon be taking over Minneapolis, and it's going to be bananas. 

Fey Postcard

Joe Sinness ’05, MFA will be in the exhibition Fey at Macalaster College. 

Collect Call 2 Exhibit

Soo Visual Arts Center has invited several local collectors, including President Jay Coogan, to share works from their private collections in Collect Call 2.

Queripel at the Emmy's

Madeline Queripel '10 was nominated for an Emmy for her writing work on Cartoon Network's Regular Show.

Work by Ben Moren

Faculty member Ben Moren is featured in the upcoming show H3O/OO3​.

Josh Olson Cover Up

MCAD alum Josh Olson recently released an artist book titled Cover Up.   

Black Bile

Yet another student-curated show has spiked curiosity and inspiration at MCAD.

WZFR Invite

Plenty of MCADians will be partaking in The Waabizipinikaan-Ziibi Filmmaking Residency public screening.

Trendy MCADians

In my first few weeks as an MCAD student, I’ve noticed an abundance of different clothing trends that also reflect each student’s original personality.

It's raining frogs and fishes

Jerry Dennis and Glenn Wolff ’75 will be visiting Saturn Booksellers in downtown Gaylord.

Keetra Dean Dixon and Aaron Draplin

This October, Keetra Dean Dixon ’99 and Aaron Draplin ’00 will be speaking at the AIGA National Design Conference in New Orleans.

Katie Lupton at Mia

Second-year MFA student Katie Lupton will be at Mia tonight for Third Thursday.

Mason Santos

First-year students share what it's been like adjusting to life at MCAD.

Still from Anyways by Marie Ketring

Current student Marie Ketring has been invited to attend Reykjavík's International Film Festival (RIFF), starting later this month.

Work by Tuesday Bassen

Tuesday Bassen has been featured in an interview by Haunt Magazine.

Maddy Nye

MCAD alum Maddy Nye has been featured on ShopBandō as the September Artist of the Month. 

Image for WARM show

Continuing education student Linda Morganstein designed the logo for the upcoming WARM Self Portraits show.

Super Academy shot in Minneapolis

The brainchild of Ben Lifson '13 comes to life in this new superhero web series.

Marie Ketring

A senior filmmaker braved MCAD's bee hives to bring us a beautiful short film.

Jack Whitten: Five decades of painting

MCAD alum and faculty member Ed Charbonneau, along with Jeremy Szopinski, will be presenting a workshop inspired by the work of Jack Whitten.   

Magazine Street II, New Orleans, 2011, by Elizabeth Patterson

Elizabeth Patterson ’77 is featured on Crave to talk about her work in a group exhibition at the Louis Stern Fine Arts Gallery.

Phil Schwarz

Phil Schwarz and his incredible summer design experience in Porto, Portugal.

Work by Ryan Hughes

Ryan Hughes ’12 is presenting his first solo exhibition The Weight of Sunshine at the Burnet Gallery.

Work from the exhibition

Faculty members Ben Moren and Daniel Dean collaborated to create the exhibition The World We Inhabit; The World We Made.

Did you know there's more than one sculpture garden in Minneapolis?