Chris Koza

MCAD faculty members Kate Casanova and Ben Moren recently created and directed a music video for Chris Koza's song "Foothills."

Jay Coogan

I have seen our student body become more politically active over the last few years. This force for change has been channeled into many positive initiatives to make the world and our MCAD community a better and more inclusive place.

Work by Strassheim

Angela Strassheim ’95 will be opening a new exhibition titled (*Not*) Having It All with Jackie Cantwell.

MFA student Heather Peebles helps MCAD step up its composting game.

Work by Preston Drum

Minneapolis-based artist and MFA candidate Preston Drum returns to North Carolina to showcase his latest work titled Home Comings and Goings

The Witness Map

Eric A. Anderson ’98 has spent the last three years working as part of the core development team on Jonathan Blow’s video game The Witness.

Work by artists for Free Radicals

Julie Buffalohead ’95 and Faculty Member Piotr Szyhalski will be featured in the upcoming exhibition titled Free Radicals: Mixing History Through the Power of Print at the Kate. E Nash Gallery. 

Work by Arlene Birt

Arlene Birt ’02 will be exhibiting Behind the Outlet at MSP airport through 2018.

Birt's work illustrates how the amount of energy that needs to be produced is directly connected to our individual consumption habits. LED-backlit steel cutouts connected by power cords light up as people occupy specific tables. As the tables are vacated, the appliance cutouts and lamps turn off, which powers down the electrical grid. 

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Mervy Pueblo

Mervy Pueblo ’13, MFA, is featured in an article in Phillipines newspaper the Manilla Bulletin.

Emilee Lund dishes some wisdom about balancing your interests and your future.

Newtonian Proxies by Brad Jirka and Katherine Jones

Katherine Jones ’79 and faculty member Brad Jirka's Newtonian Proxies was selected as one of twenty-five works for inclusion in CODAmagazine's Light as Art III January Issue.

Work by Redmond

Former MCAD student Patrick Redmond, who was recently featured at the Textile Center, has been invited to be a keynote speaker at the 2016 Minnesota Scholastic Art Awards ceremony.

Michael Scott

Exploring MCAD's program for students who are interested in both art and business.

Work by Emmett Ramstad

Emmet Ramstad ’07 and Lindsay Rhyner will be showing their work at the MAEP Gallery. 

Work by James Casebere

The work of James Casebere ’76 will be featured at Haus Der Kunst in Munich. 

Brent Schoonover

Brent Schoonover ’02 recently began working with Club W.

BIW XI Poster

You are invited to the opening reception for the next installment of MCAD student work at BI Worldwide Gallery, titled XI

Satori by Rhea Pappas

Rhea Pappas ’08 was recently invited to participate in an exhibition at Fuse Minneapolis.    

Work by Sirek

Julie Sirek ’10 presents the exhibition Till Death Do Us Part, a show to raise awareness about domestic abuse.

Work by David Friedman

David Friedman ’65 is currently showing his work in an exhibition titled Colorscapes at Gallery on the Pali.

Friedman's first breakthrough painting was pointing the wind, where he first put spectral color into a naturalistic landscpape. Since then Friedman has pursued working with color and continued developing his technique. His latest works are on display at Gallery on the Pali, located in the First Unitarian Church of Honolulu.

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MCAD Winter break

MCAD students reminisce about the already-missed winter break

2015 PCSS Student, John Martino

Every summer, high school students spend three weeks a MCAD finding out what college life is really like.

Work by Jodi Reeb

The Kolman & Pryor Gallery is proud to honor their women artists by presenting No Boys Allowed in the gallery’s new intimate space.

Thoughts in a Winter Kaleidoscope by Leslie Barlow (

Current MFA student Leslie Barlow, Keith Christensen ’95, MFA, Lyz Wendland ’09, MFA, Mat Ollig ’10, Bart King ’10, Pramila Vasudevan ’04, Katherine Schaefer ’80, and faculty members Jody Williams and Gudrun Lock have all been awarded 2016 Artist Initiative Grants.