Free Arts Minnesota for Abused Children Minnesota will be partnering with the MIA and faculty member Natasha Pestich to provide an eight-week arts education experience through their weekly mentorship program. A $25,000 Arts Learning Grant from the Minnesota State Arts Board will fund the project. 

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Free Arts Minnesota ( 


Design Chair Bernard Canniffe will present keynote lectures at the International Design Conference in Australia, and at the AGIA Conference in Japan. Canniffe will also be giving a presentation here in Minneapolis at the AGIA Conference about Participatory Design.

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Adam Hamilton open Fluctuating Capacity at SooVAC

Current MFA student Adam Hamilton opened his exhibition Fluctuating Capacity at Soo Visual Arts Center (SooVAC) on February 9. The show runs from February 9 through March 23.

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Fluctuating Capacity (

David Goldes at the Bakken Museum

Faculty member David Goldes is currently showing his photographs and drawings at the Bakken Museum. Electrified Drawings will be on display in the Great Hall through April 22, 2013.

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Jody Williams and Natasha Pestich show at the Highpoint Center for Printmaking

Adjunct professor Jody Williams and associate professor Natasha Pestich are part of PRINT PROFS, an invitational group show at the Highpoint Center for Printmaking.

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Adjunct faculty Diana Green’s Horror Camp: Homoerotic Subtext in EC Comics is included in Comic Books and the Cold War, a 2012 anthology edited by Chris and Rafael York.

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Liberal Arts professor Thomas Pope helped organize and spoke at the 100th birthday celebration of Frederick Manfred, held in 2012 in Luverne, Minnesota. At the event, artists, poets, and writers from across the Midwest came to celebrate, hold workshops, and discuss the career of the writer known as the Faulkner of the Upper Midwest.

Brian Haberlin interviewed by Adobe

Adobe recently interviewed design faculty Brian Haberlin. Haberlin is known for being involved in the creation of many notable video game series and characters such as Aria, Witchblade, and Stone. When asked him his favorite aspect of his career he replied, “Artist... because it’s the most fun.”

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Bill Rude's Creepsville released through Arcana Comics

The new graphic novel by Bill Rude '96, Creepsville, has recently been released. The eighty page anthology revolves around stories of a high school newspaper in a small town that exists in a retro world where all b-movies are real. It was co-created by Napoleon Dynamite producer Chris ‘Doc’ Wyatt, and published through Arcana Comics.

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Book Arts Roundtable: Meet the Jerome Mentorship

Laura Andrews MFA ‘06 will attend Book Arts Roundtable: Meet the Jerome Mentorship Recipients at the Minnesota Center for Book Arts to learn about the six recipients and their native disciplines and bodies of work.

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Shoua and the Northern Lights Dragon

Aimee Hagerty Johnson ‘10 published her first children’s book, Shoua and the Northern Lights Dragon, with the Minnesota Humanities Center in December of 2012.

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Chris Sullivan's Consuming Spirits at the Walker

Consuming Spirits, a stop motion film by Chris Sullivan ‘83 will be screened at the Walker Art Center Cinema on February 8 and 9. The work is a story of familial bonds, bursting at the seams with Gothic surrealism, wry humor, and fastidious attention to detail. Sullivan completed the work over a period of fifteen years, working as an animator, writer, director, voice actor, and musician. Tickets are available on the Walker website.

Terese Elhard ‘09 completed work as graphic designer for the Sports Hall of the Perot Museum of Nature and Science in Dallas, TX. The museum opened in 2012 and features four galleries of the Science Museum of Minnesota. The Sports Hall is one of the four galleries, a 4,000 square foot, highly interactive, permanent installation.

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Gregory Euclide designs album cover for MN Beatles Project Volume 4

Gregory Euclide MFA ‘08 designed an album cover for the MN Beatles Project Volume 4, as well as a project by Lubomyr Melnyk for the UK-based label Erased Tapes.

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Patrick Kelly ‘06 received a grant to travel to Mozambique and lead a documentary photography expedition in November with VOX United. VOX United is a non-profit organization dedicated to bringing clean water to remote regions of Sub-Saharan Africa. The project is titled The Faces of Change and was shown through the month of October at the Ambiente Gallery in Northeast Minneapolis.

Adjunct Fine Arts faculty Jay Heikes is featured in the Walker Art Center’s new exhibition Painter Painter.  The exhibition is open February 2 - October 27 and features the work of fifteen artists from the United States and Europe.

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Liberal Arts professor Kris Belden-Adams published the article Quack, Quack! Photography as a Remote Radionics Healing Agent in the peer-edited journal The International Journal of Technology, Knowledge, and Society (Vol. 8, Winter 2013).

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Jodi Reeb-Myers ‘95 will exhibit mixed media paintings as part of a group exhibition at the Anita Sue Kolman Gallery called Juicy Steak Moustache II. Reeb-Myers created the paintings with found collage papers while living in Ajijic, Mexico. The opening reception will take place on March 23 from 7:00 to 9:00 p.m., and the exhibition runs from February 2 - March 30.  

The Dead Mall, a short story by adjunct liberal arts faculty John Teschner was accepted for publication by the Florida Review.

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Thomas Pope completed a one year sabbatical, during which time he wrote two books, Lethal Genius: The Hitman in American Movies and The Good Guys and the Bad Guys: Good and Evil in the Movies, plus the pilot for a TV series, Jack of All Trades. All are on display in the MCAD gallery. Thomas has a book agent who is currently marketing Lethal Genius, and his manager in Hollywood is preparing to present Jack of All Trades for the studio market.

Allen Brewer

Design professor Allen Brewer participated in Paper Darts’ “Choose Your Own Adventure” event at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts on January 17. Brewer made work based on the public’s descriptions of Art. Brewer also spoke about his creative process in an interview with Amina Harper for Paper Darts.

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Current MFA Student Ashely Peifer won first place in the Grad Student category for a major Design Sponge scholarship.

NOMADS Issue 3 features the work of MCAD illustration student, Thyra Helgensen. Helgensen created multiple illustrations for the Farewell To Burma story. NOMADS is a travel magazine featuring world renowned photographers, writers, and other contributors.

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A painting by current MFA student Dani Wagner was recently accepted into a group juried exhibition at Middle Tennessee State University. The 12 x 12 Exhibition will take place from January 17 through February 14, 2013.

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