Sustainable Design Student Testimonials

“Before starting the MCAD Sustainable Design Program, my sense of sustainability was that it needed to happen but that it was an esoteric pursuit. I have come to discover that not only is it 100% pragmatic, but the world is waiting for us as trained professionals to usher in this new era of thinking.” —Noble Cummings, New York, student


“Online classes allow multinational students from all stages of their careers to come together and exchange information, experiences, and points of view. The MCAD Sustainable Design Program’s holistic approach to teaching sustainability provides students not only with skills and knowledge but also tools with which to better their personal and professional lives. I would recommend this program to those who seek to broaden their horizons and gain comprehension on this highly relevant subject.” —Evelyn Hussain, China, student


"The MCAD Sustainable Design Program isn’t just for people who want to save the planet, it’s for people who want to save their careers. Every company, every client is looking for ways to increase efficiency, reduce waste, and boost marketing opportunities—all of which are inherent to sustainable design principles and methodologies." —Rita Penrod, Minnesota, graduate


“The MCAD Sustainable Design Program was exactly the right mix of content and application to give me a strong foundation in how to use the principles of sustainability in my consulting work. The fact that it was fully online, flexible, and taught by outstanding faculty makes it the perfect program for busy professionals.” —Rudy Ruggles, Massachusetts, graduate