The Highlander: Macalester College's Bookstore


Client: Macalester College's bookstore the Highlander

Design Lead: Daniel Ringold '13
Designer: Ashley Terpstra '14

It was DesignWorks's intent with this rebranding project to align the bookstore with the Macalester College brand as well as to create a unique and modern space in the heritage building where the bookstore resides.

The biggest change to the bookstore is the new signage and updated facade. Not only did the design team lead with a very bold use of the Macalester shield as well as refined Futura supporting type, but Design Lead Daniel Ringold also decided to use the official Macalaster tartan plaid as the header on the building—a design idea that the entire college has been buzzing about.

The tartan plaid is widely associated by the college community as a symbol that says "Macalester." Using this pattern to anchor the store helps alumni connect to the off-site building, leading to more traffic and sales.

In addition to updates to the front and interior of the building, the design team also helped the Highlander rejuvenate their social media, digital, and print communications.