Ari Fishman
BFA in Filmmaking

At 18, Ari Fishman didn't originally plan on working in TV, or at anything in particular. He just thought art school might be cool. But then he ended up as Jon Stewart's producer.

Fishman arrived at The Daily Show just after Jon Stewart joined the nightly comedy series, and regularly crafted satiric segments. Many of them involved another rising fake-news comedian, Stephen Colbert. "My advantage in producing was my visual arts background, which few other TV people have," he says. "I was able to communicate more fluidly in the medium . . . and Jon Stewart brought me out to the Emmy Awards each year; I can't say enough good things about him as a boss."

After seven years on The Daily Show, Fishman moved on to other programs, some done through his own production company, Petite Monster. A master of parody programming, he's a creator of Totally for Teens, which uses the innocent "hey, kids!" live audience format for ironic results, on obviously non-teen topics. It's been "green-lit" for production.