Lauren Posterick
BSc in Visualization
Interactive Site Designer

Lauren Posterick can safely and happily say she is in Jeopardy.

A graduate of MCAD's BS: Visualization program, she's the website producer for Alex Trebek's long-running game show, explaining, "Fortunately for, I am a huge trivia nerd."

Posterick found her job via Cragislist, but she'd been an interactive site designer already. Now, instead of a common cubicle, she shows up on the Sony Entertainment lot each day, ready to keep the brand alive. "I think of a giant Sears catalog when I think of websites," she notes; "The sheer volume of information being presented in each medium is pretty daunting." Even more daunting, these days, is the prospect of expanding the Jeopardy experience to sites like Twitter or mobile smartphones or pads, a process she's already working on. She guides numerous writers and developers as they create fresh, daily online entertainment. Their work brings enjoyment to over 200,000 web visitors a month, and their Facebook fans—over 375,000—outnumber Wheel of Fortune's.

As the author of her own sporadically updated blog, Posterick is a clever and sarcastic observer of daily ironies. Yet she professes total sincerity about her employer: "I have always loved Jeopardy! It's the last place in the mainstream where a bookish wallflower or garden-variety nerd can be a nationally known champion . . . society in general doesn't value intellect the same way it used to—Einstein, in his time, was a worldwide celebrity."