Art Sale Hot Pick Curators


The annual MCAD Art Sale is the college's largest public event, drawing thousands of people into the college to shop for art—sifting through close to 7,000 pieces created by 400 students and alumni.

Since 2015, “Hot Picks” has highlighted some of the best and brightest MCAD talent. Look for hot pink ribbons at the sale that signify particularly exciting artists to watch, to follow, to collect.

2017 Guest Curators

  • Zachary Quinn, CEO, Love Your Melon
       design and illustration categories
  • Matthew Welch, Deputy Director and Chief Curator, Minneapolis Institute of Art
    painting category
  • Kristin Makholm, Executive Director, Minnesota Museum of American Art
       print and drawing categories
  • Lyndel King, Director and Chief Curator, Weisman Art Museum 
       photography category
  • Vincenzo de Bellis, Curator of Visual Arts, Walker Art Center
       3D categories

And the Hot Picks Are...


Ryan Hughes ’12
“Ryan’s works are playful and full of excitement. These representations of basic objects bring levity to the world.”


Preston Drum ’16, MFA
“Preston’s representations of technology and machines are intriguing. They are playful yet somewhat dark, as if the viewer is looking at them in the past. They are reminiscent of what physical objects look like in our memories and dreams.”


Brendan Barrett


Robert DeMangus


Kehayr Brown-Ransaw


Leslie Barlow ’16, MFA
“Technically superb; pentimento nicely activates the compositions; nice formalistic balance; color used to good effect.”


Sam Dirck
“Fantastic balance between gestured color-filled movements and formal linear control. Seemingly effortless and instinctive balance.”


Adam Hamilton ’14, MFA
“Technically superb; fantastically surreal; intense dream-like subject matter and mythology but somehow playful and lighthearted.”


Jenna Murphy ’16
“Irregularity mixed with Spirograph attention to detail and repetition. I like that it’s biomorphic, floral, animal-like. Perfectly placed on the paper, sophistication of tonal qualities. Beautiful to look at and live with!”


Precious Wallace ’17
“It draws you in with its strong female figure; asking a question posed back to the viewer: Who am I? An interesting mix of screenprint, photography, design, typography, mark making, color, and blank space.”


Chindaphone Soukhoummalay
“Great drawing style, fun, ironic, aspirational! Also wonderful paintings with figures in flat space.”


Chelsea Reeck ’17, MFA
“Air of surrealism, mystery, otherworldly—you don’t know if it is a scene from your neighborhood or science fiction. Black and white, or not? The road to eternity? Or Minnesota? Earth and sky meld together.”


Erin Sandsmark ’17, MFA
“Erin’s works are confident and beautiful. Her works command the show and are a timely representation of the world and the human body in it today.”


Bobby Rogers ’14
“So focused, the texture is touchable—reaches out and grabs you. Arresting images, provocative texture, surface is intense and beautiful. Powerful; sometimes surreal. Stopped me in my tracks. Exotic and stark at the same time. I want to take it home with me right now!”


Shane Toomey
“Exotic locations; ordinary people—has an eye for textures. Compositions balanced but saturated color makes them seem a bit unbalanced. Almost textile-like in terms of capturing patterns in the street scenes.”