Painting by Eric Yevak
Painting by Eric Yevak

Leading up to the annual MCAD Art Sale, we spoke with some of the top sellers from the past two decades. Here, painter Eric Yevak reflects on his experiences in MCAD's MFA program.

Eric Yevak ’16, MFA, is a Southern-born multimedia artist who currently lives and works in Brooklyn. His paintings, films, and sound performances have been exhibited in galleries, museums, and institutions across North America.

What medium(s) do you primarily work in?

I'm a painter. Acrylic, inkjet, spray paint, and resin on wood canvas and paper.

What has MCAD meant for you in terms of launching your creative career?

While at MCAD I really learned to trust in myself. Art is a rough game full of self-doubt and fear (if you are doing it right). Having any type of creative career means you have to trust in your vision.

Where are you now in your career/artistic practice?

I'm living in New York maintaining a full-time studio practice.

Can you describe a memorable sale or moment from the Art Sale?

I remember a very nice woman (I think) who was very shy and did not want to meet me but wanted to buy one of my paintings. She had one of the sale's helpers ask me to step away from my work so she wouldn't have to engage with me at all as she picked a piece to buy. I really enjoyed that.

What Art Sale advice would you give young MCAD artists?

Have fun with it. Don't take any of it very personally. If your work sells or doesn't sell, it doesn't matter, neither is a reflection of you as an artist. Some of the worst artists in the world sell all the time.


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