Work by Evan Abrahamson
Work by Evan Abrahamson

What does it take to be a top seller at the annual MCAD Art Sale? We asked Evan Abrahamson, one of the best of the last two decades, to talk us through his experience and share his secrets. 

Evan Abrahamson ’13 studied painting at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design and sociology at the University of Minnesota. He is the recipient of the Presidential Scholarship and several other honorary awards. Abrahamson’s work is among many private and public collections throughout the country. His work is concerned with the mediation of chance and control and the potential of meaning to manifest from the balance between.

What has MCAD meant for you in terms of launching your creative career?

Being an artist is riddled with uncertainty and doubt. At MCAD I learned that creativity can round the corners, but discipline and dedication are always necessary to persevere. 

What does your primary artist practice look like?

I paint every day that I can, which is every day. Usually from morning to night. It’s my love and livelihood. Finding balance has been a considerable but worthy challenge.

Can you describe a memorable sale or moment from the Art Sale?

The Art Sale is like nothing else. Paintings flying off walls. People fighting over work. Crowds and crowds crowding around crowds and artist’s work. And everyone chattering. All this at the same time. It’s wonderful. 

What Art Sale advice would you give to young MCAD artists?

Work hard. Think practically. And don’t lose sight of the value of the work, regardless of whether things go great or awful. 


Additional Top Sellers

*Note that the term "Top Seller" is defined both in sales and number of pieces sold.
**Abrahamson will not have works for sale at this year's MCAD Art Sale; only current students and graduates from the past five years are eligible to participate.