Genie Castro

Island Play, 2018, lithographic inks, lithographic crayon 35 x 60 in.
Represented by Cream of the Crop Artist Gallery, St. Paul; Milward Farrell Fine Art, Madison; and Art Force, Minneapolis

Estimated Value: $7,500

Artist Statement

I enjoy making art! My spirit soars as I create. I print in a freeform method utilizing the principles of abstract painting and the formality of traditional printmaking. My paintings are transferred onto dampened paper through the printing press.

I am equally enthusiastic about working together with other artists—curating shows and providing sales and event opportunities at Betty Danger's Country Club, Gamut Gallery, and corporate collections throughout the Twin Cities. I also represent artists at the Minnesota State Fair at Cream of the Crop Artists Gallery, which began four years ago with my sons and a handful of artists. My mission as an artist is to expand on what we create by letting it evolve with a larger community of creatives.

MCAD has been an important part of my life since 2002 when I enrolled in my first Continuing Education (CE) Printmaking Seminar/Open Edition, instructed by Jodi Reeb ’95. I have continued taking the seminar for past seventeen years. I am grateful for my experience at this institution, which includes teaching students of all ages in CE classes, sharing the principles of abstract painting and translating it to printmaking. MCAD has transformed my life!

About Castro

Genie Castro is an artist, printmaker, curator, and director. While working as a fashion and print designer in Manhattan, she was accepted into the famed Art Students League where she studied under renowned painter Hananiah Harari. Monotypes have become the medium of Castro’s fullest self-expression. The masterful strokes, layers of vibrant color, and subtle detail reveal her true nature and allow the observer to see the artist as she is—bold, vibrant, dramatic, complex, and joyful. Castro’s work has hung alongside master artists Andy Warhol, Damien Hirst, Frank Stella, Robert Longo, and Donald Sultan and is part of the permanent collection at the Chelsea Tahari Showroom in New York.

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