Susan Fink


Susan Fink ’97

Homage to the Isle of Dogs, 2018, photograph, 34 x 34 in.

Estimated Value: $3,000

Artist Statement

This image is from a cosplay photo series entitled In Character. While the models in this series are dressed as characters, the significance of their cosplaying goes beyond mere replication or pastiche. In fact, it represents an act of embodiment whereby the cosplayer not only mimics the outward appearance of the character but their physical body as well—remaking their own identity to create specific impressions in the minds of others.

While it could be said that costumes tell a story, it is also true that context and location conveys a narrative as well. Claude Levi-Strauss used the word “bricolage” to describe the skill of using whatever is at hand and recombining various elements to create something novel. In this series, pre-existing locations were transformed into a collection of storybook backgrounds, resulting in a hybrid of original and copy, old and new.

About Fink

Susan Fink holds a BA in anthropology from the University of Chicago and a BFA in media arts from MCAD. She also studied classical violin performance at Manhattan School of Music. Upon graduation from MCAD, Fink worked as an independent film producer and director in Los Angeles for fifteen years. She has completed six feature-length films, four documentaries, and two narrative films, with screenings at the Sundance Film Festival and numerous other international film festivals both domestically and abroad.

Fink recently returned to the Twin Cities, where she currently works in nonprofit development. She has been engaged in photographic practice for more than twenty-five years, but in the last several years, she has renewed her passion for the medium. Fink’s current work is the result of refocusing her artistic efforts in still photography.

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