Sanjit Sethi
Sanjit Sethi

August 16, 2019

Dear MCAD Community, 

As I round out my fifth week as president, I am continually impressed by how remarkable this community is. During my brief time here, I’ve been fortunate to have the opportunity to sit down with alumni, faculty, students, board members, donors, cultural and civic leaders, staff, and emeriti faculty to hear what excites them most about MCAD. 

MCAD is a hive of activity. From Cy DeCosse’s exhibition the Many Faces of Cy DeCosse to participants in our pre-college program to completing all the summer construction, including the newly remodeled 3D space, this is a community clearly on the move. 

I’m also grateful for the warm welcome I’ve received. Over the weeks and months ahead, I hope to continue to hear from many of you about your aspirations for MCAD in the years to come. This is a moment in time for us to develop exciting collaborations, dream big, and affirm a commitment to the values of creativity, empathy, and innovation that are so deeply embedded in the fabric of MCAD.  

All my best,