Letter from President Sanjit Sethi

Dear MCAD Community, 

As the semester began, I witnessed the MCAD community gather to welcome our newest students and mark the start of another academic year. These 242 students, both undergrad and grad, come from over forty-two states and seven countries. All of our new students are both the future of MCAD and the next generation of cultural leaders. 

The tremendous dedication and attention to detail that went into welcoming our new students was both profound and heartening to witness. From the College Assembly to the Move-in BBQ, to presentations and conversations on data and student wellness, I experienced a truly engaged community. These efforts came from diverse and committed parts of MCAD including Faculty Senate, Academic Affairs, Academic Cabinet, Student Services, Orientation Crew (including all of the RA’s and Peer Mentors), the Business Office, Help Desk, Custodial/Facilities Services, Financial Aid, faculty, Media Center, and Public Safety to name a few. 

In 1923 the poet Kahlil Gibran wrote “Work is love made visible.” From the tireless efforts of the entire MCAD community we see this quote embodied time and time again. This fundamental connection between work and love is something we can all be reminded of more often. At a moment of political vitriol, surging xenophobia, overwhelming changes to our environment, and the rise of hypernationalistic ideologies, MCAD believes its students are the key to creating a more positive, engaged and empathic world. I hope you get a moment to welcome our new students and applaud the work of our faculty and staff who are dedicated to their success.  

All my best,