Jay Coogan


May 2018

Dear MCAD Community,

Congratulations to all the seniors, MFA, and MA students who are graduating on May 12! It is great to have the walls of the campus filled with the culminating work of these students. I know the journey it represents and everyone deserves recognition for the quality of the work and the development of visual interests into a strong body of work.

We are also on the heels of the annual Emerging Talent Showcase—and we have much to celebrate. More than one hundred representatives from eighty companies met with our students, face-to-face, and viewed their portfolios. This important event allows many graduating students to build networks and get internships and job offers as a result of their exposure to these company representatives.

A few weeks ago we had a wonderful retirement celebration for three distinguished faculty, Tom DeBiaso, Tom Garrett, and Linda Fritchel. From the comments and praise showered on them at the gathering, it was clear the impact they have had on generations of students. Between the three of them, they have contributed more than one hundred years of teaching at MCAD. It is exciting to see these artists and designers embarking on new adventures. It is also sad to lose the collective wisdom, energy, and guidance that they have provided all of us and especially their students. They will be missed!

On May 18, we will be hosting The Auction at MCAD to help raise scholarship funds for students. The fifteen-member committee, chaired by Boriana Strzok ’08, has done great work to make this event possible, ensuring a lively and engaging, art-filled party! The committee has been dedicated to working through all the details ensuring it will be a fun time and successful fundraiser. I sincerely appreciate the dedication.

Twenty-nine sponsors have contributed underwriting to the cost of the event, allowing more of the funds raised to go to scholarships. More than sixty MCAD artists including alumni, friends, and faculty of MCAD have donated pieces; these fabulous gifts of art are very meaningful to supporting our efforts to keep MCAD accessible and affordable. Thank you to everyone who has contributed to this event.

Lastly, this past week we had a kick-off meeting for establishing an advisory task force on diversity, equity, and inclusion issues at MCAD. A steering committee made up of faculty, staff, student, and alumni representatives will be formed this fall. This group will help develop a strategy for addressing short- and long-term actions to ensure that MCAD is a diverse, equitable, inclusive, and welcoming environment. The work begins with recognizing what we are already doing and building on the work we did with two consultants this spring. This initiative is a top priority for MCAD.

I hope everyone has a great summer. We all deserve it. Thanks to the MCAD community for all you do to make MCAD a vibrant educational institution! 



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