Jay Coogan


February 2018

Dear MCAD Community Members,

As we approach Valentine’s Day, I want to send a message of thanks for the generosity of our faculty, staff, and board who care so much about our students and the college. The efforts that each of you make to advance our students’ educations and careers is a major reason we attract, retain, and graduate so many great creative students. Your contributions do not go unnoticed as they help make MCAD a rewarding place for creative students to get an education.

Recently we have been focusing on the future, establishing an outline of how to make MCAD even more effective in preparing students for living and sustaining creative lives. Support for this will take many forms, including:

  • Ensuring students have up-to-date educational programs, spaces, and equipment to build their skills as makers.
  • Creating spaces and programs that support the physical and mental health of our students.
  • Assisting students to meet the many challenges of an MCAD education by supporting the whole student experience and not just the academic portion of their time here.
  • Building a community that supports diversity and equity and is inclusive of a multitude of beliefs, ideas, and identities.
  • Making links to our local neighborhood and other communities in the City of Minneapolis to expand the positive impact that those relationships can have for students, faculty, and staff working with community partners.
  • Providing opportunities to learn the business side of their profession so they can successfully pursue their creative interests.
  • Helping students with career development from when they start MCAD to when the head out on their creative journey beyond the MCAD educational experience.

By building activities, programs, and spaces to support a unique learning experience for each student we will be an enduring institution that stays relevant for students now and in the future.

As we refine these plans, taking into consideration feedback from the community, we will be setting the stage for the next round of fundraising to support these goals. I want to thank everyone who has participated in discussions of these and other goals that set the stage for our next strategic plan. I will continue to update the MCAD community as the plan is solidified.


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Jay Coogan


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