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The Minneapolis College of Art and Design (MCAD) is pleased to announce new scholarships for qualifying Whittier families to participate in MCAD’s Summer Youth Programs. Free classes for 15–30 children living in the Whittier neighborhood will be available through these new scholarship funds. The Whittier Alliance’s Youth Micro Grant program has generously provided funding for this opportunity.

This is the first time MCAD has been able to offer dedicated scholarships to young residents of the neighborhood, thanks to the support of the Whittier Alliance.

“MCAD is happy to offer summer classes to our young neighbors who may otherwise not be able to afford them, stated college president Jay Coogan. We especially appreciate the financial support of the Whittier Alliance in funding this program and its ongoing efforts to strengthen our community.”

The program eligibility requirements are as follows:

  1. Scholarships recipients must be between the age of 5–18;
  2. Live within the Whittier Neighborhood (defined as being bounded by Franklin Avenue on the north, Lake Street on the south, I-35W to the east, and Lyndale Avenue to the west); and
  3. Have demonstrated financial need. For the purposes of this program, families that meet the income requirements for the free or reduced-price school lunch program, or qualify for the Minnesota Energy Assistance program are eligible to apply.

Families interested in applying for the Whittier Youth Scholarship Program can:

  1. Apply online at mcad.edu/continuing-education/scholarships
  2. Request an application by emailing continuing_education@mcad.edu, calling 612.874.3765
  3. Visit the Continuing Education office (Morrison Building, Room 105, 8:30 a.m–4:30 p.m. Monday–Friday).

A full listing of classes offered via MCAD’s Summer Youth Programs is available online at mcad.edu/continuing-education.



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