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Minneapolis, MN—April 25, 2019—The Minneapolis College of Art and Design (MCAD) is pleased to present the culminating exhibition of graduating Master of Fine Arts candidates showcasing a variety of disciplines including animation, comic arts, drawing, engaged and public arts, illustration, installation, painting, photography, and sculpture. The exhibition will feature work by 12 artists and designers. This exhibition is the result of a two-year interdisciplinary journey of intensive research and studio practice. Visitors can expect to see work that encourages contemplation and conversation while surprising and delighting in the mastery of materials.

The Graduates

  • Hallie Bahn—Interdisciplinary Animation
  • Cassandra Cook—Photography
  • Jennifer Jurgens—Sound and Installation
  • Heather Lamanno—Painting and Sculpture
  • Donna Lynne Meyer—Interdisciplinary
  • Clarissa Odin—Drawing and Painting
  • Grace Olson—Photography
  • Anika Schneider—Painting
  • Yuta Uchida—Drawing and Painting
  • Yi Wan—Illustration
  • Joi Wenjin Yao—Comic Arts
  • Simone Yijun Zheng—Comic Arts

Event Details

Reception: Friday, May 17, 6:00–9:00 p.m.
Where: MCAD MFA Studios and Gallery 2201 1st Avenue South, Minneapolis, MN 55404
Gallery entrance on Stevens Avenue side of the building
Who: Free and open to the public
Gallery Hours:
Saturday, May 11, 1:00–6:00 p.m. 
Sunday, May 12, 1:00–6:00 p.m.


The MCAD MFA Program is a community of makers, thinkers, theorists, researchers, and creative professionals. Our student body is diverse with a robust international presence. The subject of student-inquiry responds to social, cultural and professional needs as well as to entrepreneurial opportunities, stretching across art and design practices. Students in the program pursue creative work in a lively, interdisciplinary environment that includes graphic design, printmaking, paper and book arts, painting, photography, illustration, sculpture, drawing, animation, interactive media, filmmaking, comic arts, furniture design, and illustration art.


Recognized nationally and internationally for its innovative and interdisciplinary approaches to visual arts education, the Minneapolis College of Art and Design is home to more than 750 students and offers professional certificates, bachelor of fine arts and bachelor of science degrees, and graduate degrees.