MCAD Art Sale Guests


The MCAD Art Sale is the nation’s largest college art sale and one of the most visible and exciting events that we organize each year.

Since its inception fifteen years ago, the Art Sale has provided more than $2,500,000 to student and alumni artists. All proceeds go directly to the individual artists or to the MCAD Art Sale Scholarship Fund.

Many students and alumni would love to support MCAD scholarships but have limited funds. The Art Sale Altruist Club provides a great opportunity for participating students and alumni to support current students, without having to open their wallets.

Participants in the Art Sale Altruist Club may identify one or more of their submitted artwork pieces to support scholarships. When that piece sells, 100% of the proceeds goes directly to the Art Sale Scholarship Fund, which is awarded to students in the same school year. Altruist Club pieces are identified in the sale by their bright pink tags.

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