MCAD Affiliates Selected as Finalists for MMAA Biennial

Of thirty-six finalists that have been selected for the 2014 Minnesota Biennial, nine are affiliated with the Minneapolis College of Art and Design.

Miranda Brandon ’03, Betsy Byers, ’08, MFA, Gregory Euclide, ’08, MFA, Glenn Grafelman ’80, Zoe Schulman ’13, Megan Vossler, ’02, MFA, Lisa Nankivil, MFA Mentor, and faculty members Valerie Jenkins and Howard Quednau will be in an upcoming exhibition representing "the best art and craft being made throughout the state today."

Organized by the Minnesota Museum of American Art, the finalists were blindly chosen by a panel of three jurors. In total, 377 applications were reviewed based on resumes, one-page artists' statements, and images of artwork.

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