Patrick Redmond Presents at AIGA National Conference

Former MCAD student Patrick Redmond and Pamela Mead will together be presenting panelists, as mentor and protégé, respectively, on the topic of “Designers Mentoring Designers” at the 2013 AIGA “Head, Heart, Hand” National Conference in Minneapolis, October 10-12.

This presentation's inclusion as an “Affinity Session” in the national conference is a result of Redmond’s presentation proposal for the event. A longstanding proponent of mentoring, Redmond was involved with the initiative that established the inaugural alumni mentor program for the University of Minnesota’s College of Human Ecology Alumni Society, a forerunner of what is now known as the University of Minnesota’s College of Design Mentor Program, and he is the author of The Design Mentor, which has been published in AIGA/MN Issues

To attend the presentation, attendees must be registered to attend the entire 2013 AIGA National Conference.