Topics explored as part of the advertising minor may include: visual symbols and metaphor, ethnography, semiotics, copywriting, rhetoric and persuasion, data analysis and information graphics, global cultures, ethics, and the roles and responsibilities of the people working in the advertising and marketing industry.

Learning Objectives for the Advertising Minor 

  • Identify the history and the ongoing evolution of theories found in the advertising and marketing sector 
  • Demonstrate significant knowledge in the appropriate use of the methods of research, analysis, and reporting that informs creative deliverables 
  • Develop an ability to synthesize research to form complex ideas into new, meaningful, and impactful creative ideas through visual and/or verbal messages to affect change 
  • Apply collaborative workstyles in developing creative solutions individually, in teams, and with clients while maintaining given constraints of time, money, and/or resources 
  • Cultivate presentation skills to deliver creative ideas and deliverables to a variety of audiences

Methodology of Instruction for the Advertising Minor

The methodology of instruction for the courses required of the advertising minor varies, with most courses offering a mix of lectures, readings, visual media, lectures by visiting professionals, and experiential exercises. Both individual and team-based assignments allow students to deliver work in a variety of creative disciplines. Additionally, many courses include students working with real clients on real problems and then delivering solutions that can be implemented. Client-based student work can be included in a portfolio, and client relationships can lead to internships, contract work, and even employment. Students will gain valuable experience through actively contributing to class discussions; completing writing assignments, exams, and visual assignments; conducting research; and making formal presentations.

Course Descriptions: 
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