Over 93% of MCAD alumni are working and more than half (57.1%) are working in their field.*

This is no accident—MCAD’s comic art curriculum gets students focused on their careers early and enables them to successfully transition from student to professional.

Outside of traditional comic books, comic strips, and graphic novels, comic artists often work for design firms, game and animation companies, the film industry, corporations, educational institutions, and advertising firms. Comic artists use their visual communication skills to create effective and easily understood comic art narratives for annual reports, storyboards, manuals, infographics, advertisements, and more.


Potential Careers


Draw comic strips, caricatures, and spot illustrations for syndicated newspapers, magazines, trade or business publications, tee-shirts, calendars, greeting cards, books, and more. Utilize story-writing skills as well as humor, irony, or cynicism. 

Comic Publisher/Editor

Working with an artist and a publishing house, help guide a comic to print while ensuring that quality and production needs and deadlines are met.

Comic Artist

Entrepreneur, freelancer, or staff artist that draws and writes narrative stories for comic books.

Comic Writer

Conceives of a story and develops a plot and script, either of their own narratives that they self-publish or submit to publisher, or as a hired writer working on a pre-existing character. Either works with a comic artist to illustrate the story or create the artwork themselves.

Webcomic Artist

Often working solo, create and develop comics to be regularly published on a website or mobile app. May share their work exclusively through the web or also published as printed works.

Writer, Penciler, Colorist, Letterer, Inker

In traditional monthly comic book companies jobs are frequently split up to meet demanding production deadlines. Writers develop the plot and script for the story. Pencilers create comic book layouts and pencil illustrate the story from the writer’s script. Inkers work with the penciled illustrations to create finished artwork using India Ink. Colorists digitally color and separate either the pencilers’ or the inkers’ line art. Letterers are typographers who digitally or by hand set the script and balloons on the page.

Film Storyboarder

Creates visuals for each major scene in a film or tv show including character poses, facial expressions, and backgrounds.


*Based on the 2019/20 MCAD Alumni Survey. Includes graduates from 1990–2019 reporting full-time, part-time, and freelance/self employment.

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