"I've worked on so many projects and they are all so different in size/team/dimension. From filming polar bears in the North Pole to swimming with Giant Trevallies in the Indian Ocean, my line of work has brought me around the world more than once."

"I got my job by combining my degree at MCAD, my experience in print and experiential advertising, and my perspective as a first-generation Nigerian-American Midwesterner into an art director both clients and artists understand and relate to. My role at every company or on any project is always just being myself. Which is dope."

Baldry is a brainstormer and artist-designer who creates art and experiences that are accessible, entertaining, and participatory, and promote interaction and community involvement.

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Stephen Rueff believes in the power of business to create change and the creative thinker to save the world by making sense of the systems affecting the human experience. His purpose is to guide others in defining their dreams and setting them on the path to realize their potential while shaping a profitable, equitable, and environmentally sound business model.

Nancy Rice is an advertising legend, having held senior creative management posts with the likes of Knox Reeves, Bozell & Jacobs Minneapolis, DDB Needham Chicago, Ogilvy & Mather Chicago, BBDO Minneapolis, and Rice & Rice.