In the last five years, more than 77% of MCAD graduates have found work in the areas they majored in.

This is no accident—MCAD’s entrepreneurial studies curriculum gets students focused on their careers early and enables them to successfully transition from student to professional.

As an entrepreneurial studies major you deepen your creative and critical-thinking skills as well as your business skills so you are equipped to create change in the world as an employee, business owner, artist, and/or global citizen.

In addition, the four internships you will complete prior to graduating not only give you invaluable professional experience, but they also allow you to build your professional network so that you have a number of contacts in your field that can help you find a job.


Potential Careers

Fine Artist

Create original pieces of artwork using a variety of media. Sell work to individuals, galleries, interior designers, architects, libraries, community centers, churches, banks, hotels, government, and elsewhere.

Business Owner or Manager

Manage an existing organization, such as an art gallery, a business, or a non-profit, or open your own. 


Design for web, print, and/or production.

Project Manager

Organize and oversee projects—from hiring and supervising a team to ensuring that deadlines and budgets are set and met.


Create the text or “story” for advertisements and other communications purposes. Occasionally might help create slogans or product names.


Gather, define, and clarify the insights that drive creative solutions.

App Developer

Translate software requirements into workable programming code. Develop and maintain apps.

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