MCAD’s master of arts in graphic and web design offers you a concentrated focus to explore questions and find answers through design. You will build your skillsets to meet professional expectations from start to finish, with approaches that include ideation, process, and the delivery of polished graphic design and interactive projects.

Throughout the program, you will research issues that engage your passion while developing your creative voice and establishing connections as part of the design community. Mid-program and final reviews provide you with valuable guidance through direct feedback from industry specialists.

The culminating project addresses a design challenge of your choosing, the solutions to which will be found through unique messaging accomplished with the skills and strategies you will acquire through the curriculum. You will emerge from this program ready to be a leader and innovator in the fields of graphic design and web design.

Online Learning

Learn in the same environment many design professionals work, where you are unbound by geography or office hours. Online learning is an integral part of MCAD's educational philosophy; our classes:

  • use the latest technology.
  • are heavily project-based.
  • put you at the center of a strong, supportive community.

We use the studio model, meaning you will continually be making things and getting feedback. Not the old-school method where you fill out forms, memorize things, and take tests. You will spend your time creating and collaborating with people around the country and world.

At MCAD, Online Doesn’t Mean Anonymous

Online class sizes are small. That way, you get to know your instructors and receive the same personal attention you would find in a physical classroom. You will also have plenty of interaction with your classmates—other professionals that will expand your network.

Example Program Pathways

There are many ways to move through this master's program, since you can elect to study full- or part-time and start in the fall or spring. Below are three example pathways.

Fall Start, Full Time

1Design in Context, Web DevelopmentTypography, Programming for WebDesign Studio
2Web Design, Motion DesignExperimental Interaction, UXCapstone Project

Spring Start, Full Time

1--Typography, Web DevelopmentDesign Studio
2Web Design, Design in ContextProgramming for Web, Experimental InteractionUX
3Motion Design, Capstone Project -- --

Fall Start, Part Time

1Design in ContextWeb DevelopmentDesign Studio
2Web DesignTypography, Programming for WebUX
3Motion DesignExperimental InteractionCapstone
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