Over 93% of MCAD alumni are working and more than half (57.1%) are working in their field.*

This is no accident—MCAD’s graphic design curriculum gets students focused on their careers early and enables them to successfully transition from student to professional.

Graphic designers find work with design firms, corporations, museums, schools, and the news/information industry. Designers are needed to create communications across both print and digital environments.


Potential Careers

Graphic Designer

Develops graphics and layouts for products, companies, ideas, and websites. Takes information, some of which can start out abstract, and turns it into compelling visual information your audience can comprehend. This sometimes requires working within the constraints of brand guidelines; other times designers are allowed more freedom with their design direction.

Art Director

Works with a client to create graphics for consumer advertising campaigns and product promotion. Gives presentations and develops liaisons with new clients. Develops market research and plans promotional campaigns. Handles all aspects of studio work on a freelance or staff basis. Designs graphics for use in films and television, storyboards, computer graphics, art direction, set design, advertising, promotional design work, and film titles.

Interactive Designer

Transforms business needs and product requirements into intuitive web, mobile, and product experiences. Strategizes with key stakeholders, analysts, managers, and marketers to create user interface mockups, user flows, and functional specifications so final designs maximize usability and performance.

Production Artist

Designs advertisements and places them in ad layouts for publication. Works in a fast-paced, deadline-oriented environment.

Type Designer

Establishes the look of new fonts using a combination of optical considerations related to legibility as well as expressive potential.

Brand Designer

Help businesses convey a mood, tone, or image.

Logo Designer

Create distinctive branding that represents companies or products. Might work for a design firm, publishing house, or as a freelance graphic artist.


*Based on the 2019/20 MCAD Alumni Survey. Includes graduates from 1990–2019 reporting full-time, part-time, and freelance/self employment.

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