Learning through a digital environment allows you to work the way that many professionals do—crossing time and space and not being bound by geography or office hours.

Online learning is also an integral part of MCAD's educational philosophy. Our online classes:

  • Use the latest technology
  • Are heavily project-based
  • Put students at the center of a strong, supportive community

We use the studio model, meaning you will continually be making things and getting feedback. Not the old-school method where you fill out forms and memorize things and take tests. There are almost no tests. You’ll spend your time creating, learning soft skills (e.g. writing professional emails), and collaborating with people around the country and world.


At MCAD, Online Doesn’t Mean Anonymous

We keep online class sizes small. You’ll get to know your instructors and have the same personal attention you’d find in the classroom. You’ll also have plenty of interaction with your classmates—other professionals that will expand your network.


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