Five majors are offered in the Pre-College Summer Session.


Learn stop-motion and hand-drawn animation and get introduced to digital tools for editing and compositing their output. Experiment with short, animated sketches and produce a finished animation. Develop skills in storyboarding, composition, and storytelling, using drawings or sculptures to spin tales.

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Comic Art

Learn the fundamental lessons of storytelling, character development, penciling, and inking to create short comic book stories. Develop the production skills necessary to create your own edition of comic books. 

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Graphic Design

Learn to combine text and graphics in support of a message. Gain technical skills in Adobe Creative suite, the program used by professional designers. Create diverse projects including logos, posters, branding systems, packaging, and more.

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Illustration is used in a variety of industries, from journalism to packaging to graphic design. Students in the Illustration major will learn illustration techniques and how to use a variety of materials and approaches to image making, Students will gain an understanding of how illustrators convey concepts and communicate ideas. Students will explore the creative process, from creating initial sketches to undergoing final illustration critiques.

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Learn skills in perception, conceptualization, and imagination, as well as knowledge of color, form, and composition. Work in a shared studio with still-life setups, live models, self-portraits, and digital photographs to see how contrast, color, light, and shadow can illuminate the complexities of your subject matter. Professional nude models may be used in this program.

Note: Students in the painting major pay a $100 materials fee in addition to the tuition cost.

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