MCAD's brand-new product design major educates an emerging generation of product designers who want to change the world through creative work, social engagement, and business acumen.

With a focus on experiential learning, the program offers a solid foundation in critical thinking, design thinking, qualitative and quantitative research, material experimentation, and human-centered design methodologies, as well as a breadth of 2D and 3D making skills. In addition, you will develop your presentation, business, and marketing skills in order to effectively communicate ideas to a variety of audiences.

What makes MCAD’s program unique?


Year One: MCAD Community

  • Develop your place in the MCAD community through classes, critiques, student activities, and more
  • Explore your major options
  • Take foundation classes
    • Studio: technical skills and work ethic
    • Liberal arts: art history and vocabulary

Year Two: Focusing Interests

  • Declare product design as your major
  • Build concentrated skills, both conceptual and technical

Year Three: The Community of Practice

Year Four: The Professional World

  • Deepen your investigation of and commitment to your body of work
  • Participate in the Emerging Talent Showcase and share your work with potential employers
  • Develop and complete a semester-long project to culminate in the Commencement Exhibition

Product Design Major Outcomes 

  • Clarify design objectives, define project parameters and evaluate their own and their peer’s work based on these objectives and parameters.
  • Confidently perform the designer’s core function as form-giver, creating fully-resolved, inspired, context-appropriate form, shape, texture and color.
  • Use two-dimensional media (drawings, renderings, production documentation, etc.) and three-dimensional models, prototypes and other visual and spatial representations to develop and effectively communicate design intent.
  • Develop designs using industry-standard digital tools, platforms, and processes.
  • Identify common materials, manufacturing and assembly processes used in the mass-production of designed objects and assess the economic, social, cultural and ecological impact of each material and process.
  • Utilize research methods to understand market sectors and evaluate the market viability of a particular product or design.
  • Document the design development process and deliverables for portfolio and/or marketing use.
  • Present work visually and verbally in a manner that is compelling to the intended audience, competently utilizing industry-specific language and technical terminology with specialists and more general language when speaking with non-specialists.

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