Through a blending of theory, practice, and leadership concepts and skills, MCAD’s master of arts in sustainable design program educates individuals to become collaborative designers, global innovators, and creative leaders in the field of sustainable design.

We define sustainable design as traditional design that takes a truly integrated systems thinking perspective. This means:

  • Balancing the important factors of environment, ethics, and economy in every design.
  • Designing appropriately for the system in which the design will exist for its entire life cycle.
  • Designing with global and positive changes in mind: where the design leads to more opportunities, better conditions, and more innovative solutions, no matter what the design challenge may be.

This program culminates in a student-driven Graduate Sustainability Thesis Project, which allows you to make this program your own by focusing your time and energy where your passions lie. With the support of your unique thesis committee, you’ll conduct independent research on a sustainability-focused project of your choice.

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