MCAD’s MFA program strives to build a community of makers, thinkers, theorists, researchers, and creative professionals.

As you pursue creative work in a lively, interdisciplinary environment, you respond to social, cultural, and professional needs while engaging in entrepreneurial opportunities that stretch across art and design practices. An individual faculty mentorship and formal committee reviews guide you toward mastery of your discipline as a practitioner.

Most credits are earned through one-on-one work with a faculty mentor. Others are earned through critique and liberal arts seminars, as well as a range of engaging educational opportunities, including an optional internship. The final year culminates in a capstone thesis exhibition and paper.

Combined, this advanced degree affords you many career opportunities in studio work, as well as the opportunity to teach.


MCAD’s MFA program pivots around a rigorous one-on-one mentor-based model. As a graduate student you will work closely with a mentor who is an expert in your chosen field.


“Mentorship allows students to have a very personalized and direct learning experience. Having that time to talk about and reflect on my work with someone was really significant. It also encouraged me to push further and try new things within my practice.” –Luisa Rivera ’15, MFA


Master of Fine Arts Program Outcomes

  • Pursue an active production and critical methodology of studio work through individual meetings with mentors, visiting artists, and other community members.
  • Research the historical and contemporary issues of their field and the larger field of art and design.
  • Present and defend ideas related to their work and the work of their fellow students through both written and verbal forms.
  • Contribute to group learning processes in multi-disciplinary critiques, advanced studio seminars, liberal arts seminars, and collaborative projects.
  • Complete a significant body of work, which will include the installation of a thesis exhibition and written thesis statement.
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