Over 93% of MCAD alumni are working and more than half (57.1%) are working in their field.*

This is no accident—MCAD’s web and multimedia environments curriculum gets students focused on their careers early and enables them to successfully transition from student to professional.

New technologies have made it increasingly possible and popular to combine many types of media into a single experience that appeals to audiences on several levels at once. Multimedia design skills are used professionally by web developers, advertisers, video game designers, and others.


Potential Careers

Multimedia Artist

There is no better way to describe a multifaceted, contemporary art practice, than multimedia. Multimedia artists utilize a variety of new and traditional materials and technologies to create dynamic, interactive audience experiences. Moving between the internet, screens, and physical spaces, Multimedia Artists critically engage with relevant issues of today.

Broadcast Designer

Broadcast designers create visual 2D and 3D computer images and motion graphics for news broadcasts, weather alerts, television shows, station identification promotions, and sporting event scoreboards and highlights.

Game Developer

Game developers conceive of and execute games for digital platforms, inventing gaming sequences, scripts, sound effects, and environments.

Motion Graphics Designer

Similar to a multimedia designer, these specialists focus on creating visual 2D and 3D computer images and moving images and/or type (motion graphics) for commercials, television shows, movie trailers, and films.

Multimedia Designers

Multimedia designers use a mixture of text, graphics, animations, and sound to produce products such as interactive websites and experiences. They must be creative problem solvers, effective communicators, and flexible project members who have the ability to self-motivate.

3D Modeler

These specialists create 3D spaces and environments within a digital realm for computer games, medical use and inventions, and new product environments.

Front-End Developer

This career requires technical background in programming in several computer languages, concentrating on creating interactivity between visual elements rather than visual creation.

Web Designer

Meet with clients, their superiors, or a creative team to create the look and feel of multiple pages on a website. Might use several programs to create designs and animations.


*Based on the 2019/20 MCAD Alumni Survey. Includes graduates from 1990–2019 reporting full-time, part-time, and freelance/self employment.

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