Use the following list to guide you through your application to participate in MCAD's PSEO program.

MCAD's PSEO program is competitive and highly selective. If admitted, you may attend class on campus if you live within fifty miles of MCAD, or you may take an online class if you live more than fifty miles from campus. PSEO enrollment must occur during fall and/or spring semester of your senior year of high school. You may take one class per semester for two semesters for a total of six credits. These credits are transferable to MCAD's BFA or BS degree programs.

MCAD PSEO Application

Fill out MCAD’s Postsecondary Enrollment Option application online. There is no cost to apply to or enroll in this program.

Personal Statement

Send via Slideroom

Write a carefully edited one- or two-page statement that shows your interest in the visual arts:

  • Why do you want to participate in the MCAD PSEO program?
  • How does it fit into your educational goals?
  • What art and design classes have you participated in previously?

Official High School Transcript

Send via mail or email

Your transcript must show that you will be a senior during the upcoming/current academic year and that you have at least a 2.5 cumulative GPA (C+ average).

Two Letters of Recommendation

Send via Slideroom

Include one letter from your high school guidance counselor and one from a parent or guardian.

Minnesota PSEO Form

Send via Slideroom

Complete the Minnesota PSEO Form with your guidance counselor and be sure that the form is signed by you, your parent or guardian, and your guidance counselor.

Portfolio of Artwork (BFA Only)

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Your portfolio is one of the most important requirements in the admissions decision. It should consist of twelve digital examples of your best, most recent work. Include drawings done from observation (rather than drawings copied directly from photographs or other artists’ works), along with paintings, sculptures, design projects, photography, film, etc. If you have interactive work, please share the URL along with a paragraph explaining the project and your creative role.


Online Portfolio Review (BFA only)


Email to schedule an interview and a tour of the campus.

MCAD's Mailing Address

Please use the following address when mailing admissions materials to MCAD.

MCAD Admissions Office
2501 Stevens Avenue
Minneapolis, MN 55404