Undergraduate Laptop Bundle Specifications

Minimum hardware configuration:

  • 13” TouchBar MacBook Pro
  • Late model intel core i5 or better
  • 16 GB Memory (SDRAM)
  • 256 GB Flash Storage

Software applications that are part of a group license package:*

  • All Adobe Creative Cloud Applications
  • AutoDesSys Form*Z
  • OmniGroup OmniGraffle and OmniOutliner
  • Final Draft
  • Fontlab TypeTool
  • Cycling ’74 Max/MSP
  • Corel Painter
  • Microsoft Office for Mac

Software applications that you personally own:*

  • OS X

*Upon graduation or withdrawal, access to group-licensed software expires; access to personally owned software does not expire.


The final price of the laptop will not exceed $1,700. You will receive specific cost information in the summer. Because of MCAD's special laptop bundle pricing, you are ineligible to participate in any other back-to-school or promotional rebate offers for hardware/software included in the bundle, however we promise you're already getting a really great deal!

You fully own your computer from the time you pick it up at orientation. If you use financial aid to cover the cost of the laptop you are responsible to pay the balance if you withdraw; there are no refunds or return options.

Waiving the Laptop Bundle

The bundle we offer is significantly discounted and specifically built for our curriculum and classrooms. If you use another computer, we cannot offer full support nor can we guarantee it will work within our technology landscape. Nonetheless, if you decide not to participate in the laptop program, you are required to fill out a Laptop Waiver and submit it to the Admissions Office before July 1 (fall semester) or December 1 (spring semester).

Laptop Waivers must be completed and submitted to the Admissions Office by the deadlines of July 1 (fall semester) or December 1 (spring semester). To waive the MCAD laptop bundle your laptop must meet the requirements described below.

Minimum hardware requirements:

  • 13” TouchBar MacBook Pro
  • Late model intel core i5 or better
  • 16 GB Memory (SDRAM)
  • 256 GB Flash Storage

Minimum software requirements:

  • Mac OS X v.10.13 High Sierra
  • Microsoft Office 2017 for Mac Student Edition



Questions or concerns about MCAD's laptop bundle or the Laptop Waiver should be addressed to


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