Ines Kovacevic
BSc in Entrepreneurial Studies
Managing Director for Matthew Rachman Gallery

After graduating in 2011 from the Bachelor of Science program, Ines Kovacevic was set on exploring her creative landscape in the mecca of all creativity—New York City. She moved there to become a writer, found a passion in styling, and ended up a gallery girl instead. After working in the art industry for a while, Kovacevic was offered a position as an assistant to a private art collector learning about the art business’s tricks of the trade. 

Her work there led her back to Minneapolis for a short stint at the Walker Art Center as a web content specialist, mainly helping aggregate photos and stories for Walker Seen—a blog aimed toward expanding community outreach through documenting art, events, and faces. While also assisting her Italian mentor on the side, Kovacevic established just enough know-how to take her passion outside of Minneapolis once again, this time with her sights set on the "City of the (midwest) Century," Chicago, where, “in essence, I became an art sherpa,” she states.

Her love of travel and art always remains in the forefront of her life and, through her wanderlust agenda, she convinced a mid-century modern art and furniture gallery in the heart of the city to hire her as their managing director. She now plans events and supports the creative direction of the Matthew Rachman Gallery brand to promote partnerships across various local and international furniture and art networks.

As if three cities in four years isn't enough already, Kovacevic says she is not done tackling new locales quite yet—the gallery she works for plans to expand to the coasts in the next few years and she is far too curious to remain rooted in one zip code for too long.

“My modus operandi is to always remain with one foot in and one foot outside of the box.”

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