Jim Madson
BFA in Media Arts
Director of Business Development at Larsen


When he graduated from MCAD, Jim Madson entered the workforce during a recession when no one could find a job. He began a career as an in-house designer and creative director after landing a job at Unisys, then Piper Jaffray, and then U.S. Bank.

After being away for more than a decade, a visit back to campus reminded him how much the school had shaped him and how valuable the experience had been in his life. Soon after that, Madson was invited to join MCAD’s alumni association board and went on to serve as the group’s president. He remains close to the college and has even included MCAD in his estate.

Today, Madson is the director of business development at Larsen in Edina, a small boutique firm that has helped launch start-up ventures and repositioned Fortune 500 companies with smart and unique marketing and communications plans.

"When I tell people I graduated from MCAD, they’re impressed, which is nice—and I want them to continue to be impressed. I want the MCAD experience to mean something to the next generation as well."