Samantha French
BFA in Drawing and Painting
Professional Painter

I’m a full-time painter and keep a studio in New York City. I was born and raised in Minnesota, and MCAD was my first and only choice. Lucky for me, I was accepted. I had a friend who had attended, and I think his excitement and passion for the institution as a whole really assured me that it was the place I was suppose to be.

Participating in the MCAD Art Sale is probably one of the biggest reasons that I’m a full-time artist today. Knowing there was a market for my work gave me the confidence to start applying for other exhibitions and to continue making the paintings I wanted to make. And having that extra income allowed me to take more risks. I’ve also built wonderful relationships with clients and people throughout the Minneapolis arts community.  

MCAD’s faculty and students are such a great resource. Learning my craft alongside such an industrious peer group motivated me to work that much harder—and it still does. I graduated with a great group of painters who are all doing very well in their careers.