Will Dinski, Ablatio Penis
Will Dinski, Ablatio Penis
BFA in Comic Art
Freelance Cartoonist and Designer

Will Dinski is a cartoonist best known for his mini-comics. His beautiful handmade books are just as renowned for their exquisite silk-screened covers as they are for their oddball stories, unique “silent film style” panel structure, and frequently dismal endings. In 2009, Dinski was acknowledged for his work with the Isotope Award for “Excellence in Mini-Comics.”

Why did you choose MCAD?

It was important to me that I study comics. Or at least have time while in college to further my understanding of the medium. What was attractive about MCAD was that it was a highly regarded art school, so I knew that I would also receive a well-rounded arts education. I wasn't very confident in my drawing ability and I knew that MCAD would help me to get better. There was a real focus on the basics in whatever area you studied, whether it was drawing, design, illustration, or cartooning.

What experience at MCAD helped you find the career or place you are in today?

Even though I was a comic art major, the design classes I took were invaluable to me. Currently, I work as a print production manager. I don't think I would have been able to land that job if I hadn't taken the design classes I did. Studying at a design school gave me the foundational understanding of design that has continued to help me in my day job and as a cartoonist.

Is there a message, story, or idea that you would like to share with prospective MCAD students?

Like anything, you'll get out of MCAD what you put into it. If you go to art school, put your head down and get to work.