"Take your time at MCAD seriously, learn a lot technically, and don't compare yourself to others because there's an audience and a need for every style and skill set."

Bison, Toner transfer on handmade flax paper, 2018

Bison, Toner transfer on handmade flax paper, 2018

"Experiment, and invest as much time in your work as possible. Finding out what doesn't work can be just as valuable as finding out what does."

"Illustration was a no-brainer for me. I loved my education and I loved being in the illustration program. I am without a doubt a stronger illustrator because of it."

"My one biggest takeaway from MCAD was learning how to use a balance of empathy and critical thinking to understand the narratives of other artists. This helped me to better understand my own artistic idiosyncrasies and wield them with greater intention and meaning."

"You have the space, the time, now, to explore your own voice in your work. USE IT."

"The studio-centric curriculum of the MFA program was ideal for me. At this point in my education I appreciated discussions more than lectures and book-learning."

"Creativity is a way of life, and it is possible for it to be your livelihood."

"Graphic design was the right choice. I knew I needed to learn the fundamentals of layout, color, and typography no matter what area of design I wanted to pursue post-graduation."

"I loved eavesdropping on conversations from the studios while standing at the free shelf. Good acoustics."

"The network you create and have access to while attending MCAD is priceless."

"I'd encourage students to hone their writing skills and make use of the Learning Center as much as is feasible. Read a lot, write a lot. Most opportunities (from jobs to grants) will require some written portion."

"If you have a passion for design, graphic or web or both, [MCAD's graphic and web design masters program] is the right program for you. It's a lot of work, but definitely worth it."

"I always look fondly at my time at MCAD as a period of freedom to explore my passions and creativity and make personal connections with people that have lasted years. I'm grateful I had access to so many great professors and tools that were able to prepare me for the real world—it was sort of like living in a cozy and inspiring dream for four years!"

"I choose MCAD for my MFA because of its program flexibility—I could work on what called to me and did not need to follow a rigid schedule. As a working adult with a family, the time flexibility was also important. Absolutely the right choice for me."

"[MCAD] gave me credibility. I proved to myself that I have what it takes to be a successful artist. It gave me a strong starting point, something I reference for confidence in my artistic process."

"The more I looked into MCAD's grad program, the more I knew it was what I wanted. Considering how much my life has transformed since the program (I'm working in my field, teaching, and am part of an amazing community), I know it was the right choice for me."

Huang is a New York-based Chinese illustrator that creates joyful, whimsical work for children's books, magazines, brands, and institutions around the world.

"Comics and graphic design have a lot more in common than some people would be led to believe and having the opportunity to dig into both disciplines to the degree that I did made me a better artist at the end of the day."

Shen Wei
Except for a stopover in San Francisco, Shen Wei went straight from his Shanghai birthplace to attend MCAD. He thought he'd learn to do graphic design, or painting. But then he picked up a camera for the first time.