"MCAD imparted the audacity to believe any creative project was within reach."

"MCAD taught me a lot about how to speak about my art and my practice in a way that's thoughtful and introspective but it also taught me how to balance making art for a client and making art for me."

Patrick Redmond, M.A., of Patrick Redmond Design is an influential, pioneering, and enthusiastic designer, artist, author, consultant, publisher, entrepreneur, creativity advocate, and retired educator.

"Don't be shy to really lean into what you WANT to do and make it work with what you HAVE to do. I had a lot of fun merging my interactive work into my typography homework and I think it was pretty engaging and inspirational for the other designers in the class as well."

Mike Perry
On choosing a major at MCAD: "Graphic designed represented endless creative possibilities."

Hintze's advice for MCAD students? "Focus on the work and not the grade. Gear your portfolio for the jobs that you want to apply for when you graduate."

"I looked at a number of schools but ultimately loved the colorful work coming from students at MCAD and loved the creative community in Minneapolis."

"I can make or achieve anything; I went to MCAD."

"MCAD's workload is HARD but real life is HARDER. My time at MCAD forced me to learn time management skills and how to work more strategically (which are skills I still lean on today)."

"I loved the ability to experiment in open-ended projects with really supportive professors. There are a lot of paths that can be taken through [MCAD's] web and multimedia program and it can be tailored to your unique interests."

"Making friends, producing work, collaborating with faculty and classmates, and experiencing other peoples work were the most enjoyable parts of my MFA experience."

"Keep an open mind, and learn how to work in as many different mediums as possible."

"My biggest takeaway from MCAD was that the results you desire will only manifest if you put the work in to make them a reality."

"My biggest inspiration is walking down the street and seeing all the strange and funny ways people choose to lay out typography."

"With the skills I gained through MCAD's MA program, I am able to not only improve the way I work in my current job but also help others in different industries unlock new levels of creativity."

"Try everything; you never know where your passion will lie."

"My time at MCAD introduced me to a network of professionals in the field of public art and environmentally engaged work."

"I knew when I toured MCAD that I wanted to be an animation major. Animation was absolutely the right choice for me. It’s hard to explain, I just love it."

"I've worked on so many projects and they are all so different in size/team/dimension. From filming polar bears in the North Pole to swimming with Giant Trevallies in the Indian Ocean, my line of work has brought me around the world more than once."