"I’m so thankful for the people I met while studying at MCAD. They still give me inspiration and opportunities more than five years after graduation."

"Make what you want to get paid to make. I put a joke in every assignment and I also sat around and joked and drew in class. Now, I’m actually paid to sit around and draw and make jokes."

"One of the most fruitful qualities MCAD offers is the small size of the institution. Professors, staff, administration, and other students all are so much more proximate on campus, which makes collaboration and the exchange of ideas more fluid and direct."

"The community I found at MCAD was wonderful. I came away with many great relationships with faculty and other students that I hope to have for a lifetime."

Carol Spencer ’55, author of Dressing Barbie, has designed some of the most iconic Barbie dolls of all time, including the best-selling Totally Hair Barbie.

"I toured MCAD and found out about the bachelor of science program. I learned that it was a combination of art and business and it seemed like such a good fit for what I wanted to do."

"I want to make art that depicts fat bodies in a loving and honest way. I want to show that we aren't just the roles that popular media typecasts fat people as. If nobody else will represent people like me, I guess I will!"

"I was fortunate enough to find some great peers, professors, and mentors at MCAD. Combining the inspiration I got from them along with the bachelor of science's emphasis on real-world applications of its methodology set me up for quickly getting my career going."

After a fruitful career in advertising, DeCosse sold his firm in 1994 and rededicated his time to his personal practice by finding new potential in older methods of photographic printing.

Tamara McCoy

On why she chose MCAD: "There was something about being there that just felt right. I got my Viewbook, toured the school, and I was hooked."

Martin's advice for students: "Just follow your path and be honest with yourself."

"At MCAD I was able to refine my craft and come to the realization that both designing and manufacturing are important components to running a business."

"Take your work assignments seriously; everything can be an opportunity to build your portfolio. Collaborate with people early on. If you're not getting the work you want, make it for yourself. Document your process."

"The experience and knowledge about art making I gained from my time as a student is invaluable."

"Follow your heart and passions. What brought you to art school is what will stay with you forever. Plan all you want, but life takes many paths."

On their time at MCAD: "In those four years, I developed the confidence to really live the kind of life that I wanted to live and make the kind of work that I want to make. It's all about riding the waves and playing the long game, being open to anything but maintaining a certain level of focus."

"I chose filmmaking as my major because I enjoy both crafting a story and working closely with a team. The challenge of learning so many different on-set roles was one that kept me satisfied throughout my courses. Being a film major is a choice I'll never regret."

For over four decades, Casebere has built and photographed architecturally based models, which explore the relationship between sculpture, photography, architecture, and film.

"I feel like I'm doing what I'm meant to do."

"MCAD imparted the audacity to believe any creative project was within reach."