"With the skills I gained through MCAD's MA program, I am able to not only improve the way I work in my current job but also help others in different industries unlock new levels of creativity."

"Try everything; you never know where your passion will lie."

"My time at MCAD introduced me to a network of professionals in the field of public art and environmentally engaged work."

"I knew when I toured MCAD that I wanted to be an animation major. Animation was absolutely the right choice for me. It’s hard to explain, I just love it."

"I've worked on so many projects and they are all so different in size/team/dimension. From filming polar bears in the North Pole to swimming with Giant Trevallies in the Indian Ocean, my line of work has brought me around the world more than once."

Splichal's advice for current students? "You are powerful, don't forget that. And trust your intuition. Chances are it will take you where you need to go."

"I'm a producer on the digital and social media marketing team at HBO, producing campaigns for different shows and digital entities like HBO.com. I love my job because I'm part of the creative process from start to finish. Another fun part of my job is getting a glimpse into the film/TV industry and supporting shows that I love!"

"I feel that MCAD provided me with every opportunity and advantage possible when compared with other possible education routes that I had taken or were available."

"You will leave MCAD with a strong toolkit of methods for approaching problems, whether they be artistic, organizational, institutional, political, or conceptual."

"Save all of your readings, notes, and handouts. You'll eventually want to look back at them."

"My largest inspiration I took away from MCAD was the freedom to create and access to anything and everything to do so."

Through MCAD's fine arts studio major, Martinez was able to learn different approaches to her work through various materials and techniques. Now, she's sharing those techniques as a teaching artist while maintaining her own practice.

"I got my job by combining my degree at MCAD, my experience in print and experiential advertising, and my perspective as a first-generation Nigerian-American Midwesterner into an art director both clients and artists understand and relate to. My role at every company or on any project is always just being myself. Which is dope."

"[My work] has continued to refine itself and become more honed in on what I love most through hands-on experience. MCAD was a great base and starting point; it, mixed with my career, is what helped me grow into what I am today."

On whether the Bachelor of Science program was the right choice: "Undoubtedly. Team-based projects that are reflected in the real-world, real clients, real opportunities. It all helped lead me to where I am today."

Since graduating from MCAD, Dahl has kept busy working in the digital space and helping to craft unique online experience for a slew of clients.

"There are many ways you can communicate through painting. I start and I can't stop. The challenge of it, the amount of work it brings me, and it’s kind of magic because when it starts clicking, it’s a beautiful experience and it's addicting. I can’t fathom myself doing anything else. If I’m not painting or drawing, I don't feel right."

"I plant seeds everywhere I think something exciting is going on where I would like to collaborate with people and I don’t take it personally when something doesn’t work out and I am grateful when it does."

Since graduating from MCAD, Ganeles has evolved from oil painting on canvas to large-scale public murals.

"Take the classes that interest you, not the ones you think will get you jobs. Being interested in a class means you're motivated, and having motivation is the easiest and best way to do good work, and good work is what gets you jobs."