“MCAD is a very respected school and the networking is unbelievable. I have been able to travel to other states and contact alumni to talk design and network with, which is really valuable in this field. I'm not sure where I'd be without it.”

“I started out as a photography major, but I switched to fine arts studio so I could have more freedom with my photography work, incorporate sculptural elements, and so I could have a studio. I felt like my classes were very open and allowed for a lot of experimentation.”

Knudson loves working alongside creative thinkers and providing creative solutions to problems.

A number of internships held as a student helped Kern find her path in the world of graphic design, eventually leading her to New York City.

Macarayan holds a great illustration and design job at a stationery company in one of the prettiest cities in the Midwest.

Perry's hard work ethic and do-or-die attitude toward design have helped her land a sweet gig at MAC cosmetics—where she works with fellow alumni.

“I love that every time that I start an illustration, whether it's for a client or a personal work, it is a complete new challenge. Every day is different and exciting, which is a gift in today's world.”

Dolan currently works in a publishing office that is dog-friendly, has frequent access to "awesome treats left over from photo shoots", and allows her to see her work printed in lots of "glamorous glossies."

Possehl is a studio assistant for Curtis Centennial Project and Christopher Cardozo Fine Art, working for a private art collector and leading expert on the work of Edward S. Curtis.

After meeting in MCAD's wood shop, Nate and Erin Moren always dreamed of working together. Now, that dream has come true with their studio Tandem Made.

“The education and work that I did at MCAD strengthened my pursuit, and I've remained just as productive out of school as I was during class.”

"MCAD taught me to adapt. It taught me how to take lemons and make wildberry iced tea." 

Although Audet originally came to MCAD to be a painter, she realized that her true excitement came with building canvas frames. She turned her focus to furniture design and has never looked back.

"Before the program, my sense of sustainability was that it needed to happen but it was an esoteric pursuit. I have come to discover that not only is it 100% pragmatic, but also that the world is waiting for us as trained professionals to usher in this new era of thinking."

Kern is a freelance comic artist and illustrator, a musician, and a contract artist for Gaia Interactive.

Loma is a flame assistant at Volt Studios who assists with visual effects and post production of films and commercials. She has worked for clients including Subaru, Target, and Arby's.

Worre has always known she has to be involved in every component of a project—from designing to manufacturing. She and her fiancé now run their own home and leather goods business.

Dritz has over 14 years of graphic design experience working at public institutions. She enjoys design challenges and engaging people in sustainable activities and lifestyle choices.

"What MCAD helped me realize was that design wasn’t just what I did, but the lens I used to explore my world."

Chesworth is an animator at Walt Disney Animation Studios who has worked on Oscar-winning movies Frozen and Big Hero 6.