Perry lives in Brooklyn, New York, where he works at Mike Perry Studio. He is the designer of the most recent MCAD Viewbook.

After active duty in the U.S. Air Force, Ellingson received degrees in painting and printmaking. What followed was a very successful career with national and international recognition.

Hubacek discusses his career as a designer, reminisces about his favorite spots on and near MCAD's campus, and shares thoughtful advice for students.

For Arnold-DeWitt, art goes two ways—it's both deeply internalized and a dynamic means for global outreach.

“The versatility of the [sustainability] program allows you to apply sustainability principles to a diverse number of industry sectors." —Garza

Shortly before graduation, Polus started working at a small Minneapolis marketing agency called Ideapark. She's now been working there for three and a half years as a project manager.

Living in Minneapolis, Quakkelaar has enjoyed project management roles within agencies, on the client side, within the freelance realm, and in the non-profit sector.

My passion is to design and create jewelry that is beautiful and sustainable for the discerning, conscientious person who understands and loves good design.

Lowe balances her time between creating documentaries, showing work in exhibitions, and sharing her knowledge as a professor at Gustavus Adolphus College.

After graduating, Kovacevic set out to explore the mecca of all creativity—New York City. She's since worked in Minneapolis and Chicago and plans to tackle more cities in the future.

Like many MCAD alumni, Lunski’s career has been a play of trial and error. Throughout everything, she always strives to stay true to herself and follow her passion even when challenges arise.

Cohen is a visual artist and stop motion animator living and working in Los Angeles. She is most known for her work on the television show Robot Chicken and makes independent films.

Freelance illustrator White's very first book was recently featured as an Amazon Pick of the Month.

Hurley's love for filmmaking and many connections made at MCAD allow him to balance his busy work schedule with personal film projects.

The owner of her own business, Greene has worked on Guardians of the Galaxy, Maleficent, 22 Jump Street, and Robocop as well as HBO’s Girls.

Braford's job at the New York Times “surely has some of [his] old professors shaking their heads in disbelief,” he jokes.

Basham completed his undergraduate work in a non-creative field, but he could never quite shake the desire to work in design.

Creativity runs in Toussaint’s veins. Ever since she was a kid, design has been a part of her life.

Baldry is a brainstormer and artist-designer. He values meaningful relationships and strives to craft entertaining, participatory experiences.

From acoustic to electric, from analog to digital, Larson has seen and heard it all.