Previously a North Dakotan. Often a graphic designer. Always a corn dog connoisseur. Reile goes by many titles.

Following “the stoke” brought Moran to the intersection of his two passions: graphic design and a two-wheeled lifestyle.

Sinness’s still life drawings are visual narratives of desire.

An award-winning filmmaker, Yuzna knew art school would provide the best education for his career.

Heading to art school to learn painting, Jensen never imagined she would one day have a career in opera and become a famous dyer.

Brett Terpstra splits his time between being an author, Mac/iOS developer, speaker, blogger, and podcaster. Juggling multiple contracts with major publishers, he is currently working on a children’s book, among other projects..

Johnson grew up drawing and lettering but never really considered it could lead to a paying job.

Planning, working, and education are an ongoing process for Julie Sirek. The more she does, the better she becomes at her craft. What she learned at MCAD was only the beginning.

Rieger’s HOT TEA project is a mix of street art, gallery work, and commissioned pieces.

"Trust your instincts and remember that there is a much bigger world out there."

Chris Gerber
"The biggest thing I got out of MCAD is the networking connections. Honestly, every job that I have gotten has been a result of having a connection I made at MCAD."

Carlson has written and illustrated over sixty picture books and doodles every single day.

Rice’s work has been nominated for four Emmy Awards and an NAACP Image Award. 

Henderson is all about digital culture: hyper connectivity, information (over)load, and personal identity.

Wiley's work has been featured in GOOD Magazine, Kalimat Magazine, and on National Public Radio.

"I knew the more well-rounded my education was, the more successful I would be."

They weren’t called “indie filmmakers” at the time, yet that’s what Kathleen Laughlin became.

Lovelee's videos and photos explore how people connect and the spaces in which they do so within contemporary society.

Does Euclide's work look familiar? You probably saw it on the cover of Bon Iver's 2012 Grammy Award-winning album.

Braafladt is interested in using expressive technologies and simple materials to generate ideas and meaning.