Alenov applies hot beeswax over photographic images as a way to define and enhance an atmosphere within the images.

Ollig paints commissions for homes, corporate collections, and hotels, including the MN State Capitol and hundreds of originals for the Hyatt Regency.

Foster's art explores how people relate to objects and architecture, focusing on the geometry of the universe and the forces that shape minds, bodies, and experiences.

Madson is the director of business development at a boutique firm that has helped launch start-up ventures and repositioned Fortune 500 companies.

Fredrickson splits his time between freelance photography and mentoring people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

"I loved the MCAD post-bac program. It was rigorous, intense, and I credit that single year for setting me on my professional path."

Chris Monroe once imagined illustrating the cover of TV Guide. Today, instead, she provides weekly laughs in an eccentric comic strip and charms kid readers in books about a clever monkey.

Jeff Jones is like a roadie for art and design.

"My experiences learning how to work on teams, work for clients, solve problems (rather than the solutions to problems), critique effectively, communicate, display information visually, show employers I could figure out anything they threw at me—all of those skills were critical for me landing my first job as a project manager without any direct work experience."

“I feel people should go to school twice. Once in their twenties, and then again after they’ve lived a while, done other things.”

Adrien Stoutenburg was an American poet and a prolific writer of juvenile literature.

James Rosenquist is known as one of the most prolific members of the pop art movement.

Linus Maurer was a cartoonist, illustrator, puzzle designer, and the inspiration for Charles M. Schulz's famous Peanuts character Linus van Pelt.

P. Scott Makela was a graphic designer, multimedia designer, and type designer especially celebrated for his typeface design Dead History.

Vance A. Larson was an abstract expressionist painter and portrait painter that created over 10,000 original works of art and won over 30 Best of Show awards in major art shows during his lifetime.

Henry Bannarn was a character artist and sculptor best known for his work during the Harlem Renaissance period.

Theodore Haupt was an American Modernist painter that used elements from the Cubist and Surrealist movements and is well known for his New Yorker magazine covers.

Arnold Franz Brasz's painting At the Big Top sold at an auction in 2006 for $31,200
American sculptor and painter Arnold Franz Brasz is an esteemed member of the Ashcan School art movement.

"Participating in the MCAD Art Sale is probably one of the biggest reasons that I'm a full-time artist today."