Brett Terpstra
BFA in Interactive Multimedia
Writer, Developer, Blogger
Minnesota, USA

Fresh out of MCAD, Brett Terpstra became a graphic artist for a boutique knitwear company in southern Minnesota. After working his way to art director within two years, he left to found his own marketing firm, Circle Six Design. Terpstra ran Circle Six for about four years, during which he began to write for a blog called the Unofficial Apple Weblog.

Terpstra's frustrations with the blog's content management system led to hacking workarounds and external tools that caught the attention of the parent company, AOL, for whom he soon found himself working. Within three years, he was a senior developer and leader of the AOL Tech group, building and maintaining sites like Engadget, Joystiq, and others. 

Terpstra has since branched out on his own, splitting his time between being an author, Mac/iOS developer, speaker, blogger, and podcaster. Juggling multiple contracts with major publishers, he is currently working on a children’s book, among other projects. He has also self-published a book on iBooks. Additionally, Terpstra writes for Macworld, a website devoted to all things Apple, as well as other printed publications and websites. 

The design skills and code-solving abilities Terpstra gained at MCAD have been crucial to his successful career. Even though many of the tools in his industry have changed extensively over the years, he's had no problem keeping up after MCAD instilled in him a passion to keep learning and creating.

"Enjoy the process. Take courses from as many disciplines as you can pull off. The well-rounded set of skills you walk away with will serve you in any area you choose to work in."