Daren Hill
Entrepreneurial Studies

Daren Hill is a senior in MCAD’s entrepreneurial studies program.

I am a non-traditional transfer student and have always seen myself as a self-starter. The entrepreneurial studies (ES) program resonated with me because it offered flexibility to explore the business side of art as well as actually creating art. Most of our professors are working professionals and we get hands-on experience with actual clients. We learn how to manage a project, articulate clients’ ideas, and creatively solve their problems. The program has also done an incredible job connecting me with other professionals and alumni.

Entrepreneurial studies client work

MCAD provides access to valuable resources, from the print lab to the studios. Anything I want to create, I can at MCAD. I like being able to craft my schedule around required classes and keep my general focus on my personal visual art practice. The ES program helps artists see that they are capable of making a path for themselves and gives them the tools and experiences to make their passions a reality. It orients you as part of a larger artist community in Minneapolis and elevates the importance of art in society as a whole.

"The entrepreneurial studies program has given me the confidence to build my own brand, understand the value of my art, and create a fulfilling career in the arts."

After graduation, I plan to continue curating art shows for my work and other artists. Eventually, I see myself owning several galleries around the United States and helping emerging artists monetize their skills to build sustainable careers.

Artwork by Daren Hill

Artwork by Daren Hill