Annual Community Report


Letter from the President

Karen Wirth

Dear Friends and Supporters,

As I reflect on this past fiscal year, I am filled with pride in the continued efforts of the Minneapolis College of Art and Design (MCAD) to enhance the student experience. New bachelor’s and master’s programs have been successfully introduced, the trajectory of the Career Development Department has been strengthened, and students continue to share their creativity with their local communities. It is thanks in large part to the college’s generous network of supporters that such progress is possible.

I am thrilled to be leading MCAD as the college continues to build on the progress of past years. Many positive changes took place during the 2017–2018 fiscal year, all in good keeping with MCAD’s core values of Students First, Innovative Spirit, and Transforming Community. Here are just a few notable accomplishments from the past year:

• MCAD launched a new product design major in Spring 2018. This innovative program focuses on creating exceptional products and acquiring an understanding of where they fit in the marketplace. The major is geared toward an emerging generation of creatives who want to master the interplay of design, usability, and manufacturing.

• MCAD introduced a fully online master of arts in graphic and web design in Fall 2017. This unique program creates a learning environment in which professionals of all levels can engage with art and design in a meaningful way.

• MCAD repositioned the Career Development Department in order to more closely align with the needs of today’s students in the ever-changing creative landscape. Led by a newly hired director, the department will be working closely with local organizations, corporations, and creative agencies to foster and showcase MCAD talent.

• MCAD students participated in community arts programs with organizations such as Simpson Housing, the Native Youth Arts Collective, and the MacRostie Art Center. These meaningful creative collaborations help instill a mutual sense of pride and respect within communities.

Plans for the Coming Year:

• Select the next MCAD President with the guidance of the Presidential Search Committee, which comprises MCAD trustees, faculty, staff, and students.

• Continue ongoing efforts to expand health and wellness offerings for students.

• Begin space planning to accommodate the needs of the growing product design program.

• Continue to partner with local organizations and businesses to offer students real-world learning opportunities.

• Develop a plan for a new student-centric College Center and dining area.

Since 1886, the Minneapolis College of Art and Design has been a beacon of creative light for the greater Twin Cities area. Thanks in large part to donors, MCAD students are given unique opportunities to create and innovate in impactful ways. Without you, these opportunities would not be possible; thank you for your continued support. I am honored to have been chosen to oversee MCAD during this time of positive growth and change. I am proud of all the wonderful things that MCAD has accomplished this past year, and I look forward with optimism for all things to come.


Karen M. Wirth
Interim President

The MCAD Community

MCAD is home to more than 800 students and offers bachelor’s degrees, master’s degrees, and continuing education classes for all ages. A four-year, nonprofit, private college with the highest level of accreditation for an art and design school, MCAD is a national leader in areas such as animation, comic art, fine arts, furniture design, and graphic design.

Where Creativity Meets Purpose

Since 1886, the Minneapolis College of Art and Design has been committed to educating individuals to become professional artists and designers, effective critical thinkers, creative leaders, and engaged global citizens.

Where Learning Meets Teaching

World-class art and design education begins with world-class educators. MCAD’s faculty are more than just respected artists and achievers in their fields—they are devoted mentors and compassionate, dedicated teachers.

Where Imagination Meets Entrepreneurship

MCAD has long celebrated the entrepreneurial spirit of artists and designers. Whether they choose to launch and pilot their own business or work as part of a team, tailor-made courses equip students with the language of business, giving them the versatility to move easily between a variety of career paths.

Where Passion Meets Public Good

MCAD holds the belief that art and design are potent, powerful forces for solving problems, improving the human experience, and sustaining the public good. MCAD alumni are among the most widely-known and respected public art advocates in the country today.

Mission, Vision, Values

The Minneapolis College of Art and Design educates individuals to be professional artists and designers, pioneering thinkers, creative leaders, and engaged global citizens.

The Minneapolis College of Art and Design transforms the world through creativity and purpose.

We, the MCAD community, shape our work and our interactions with others by honoring the following values:

→ Students First

In all matters, we consider first what best serves the education and well-being of our students.

→ Academic and Institutional Excellence

We are committed to rigorous scholarship, intensive studio work, the use of innovative technologies, and the highest levels of professional and ethical standards.

→ Creativity and Innovation

In ideation, process, and making, we encourage experimentation and creative expression.

→ Community Involvement

We maintain the strength of our community through respect, diversity, communication, openness, and accountability.

→ Engagement

We advance a just and sustainable society through collaboration and engagement with our neighbors and the world.

Gifts / Cash Gifts

Thank you to the generous donors who support MCAD students by helping to fund academic programs and scholarships. Nearly 97% of MCAD students rely on financial aid, including scholarships, to make ends meet. Donors help make it possible to continue to update and strengthen the MCAD educational experience by increasing financial aid support, enhancing facilities to provide the best learning environment possible, and emphasizing a vision of transforming the world through creativity and purpose.

Gifts noted below were received June 1, 2017, through May 31, 2018.


Cy DeCosse ’52 and Paula DeCosse

DJM and CMJR Charitable Trust–
Donna MacMillan

Dean and Alice Fjelstul ’96, MFA

Jerome Foundation

L & N Andreas Foundation–
Deb and David Andreas



Alliss Educational Foundation

The Hubbard Broadcasting Foundation

Terry Saario and Lee Lynch


Best Buy

Clinton Morrison Fund of
The Minneapolis Foundation

David and Leni Moore Family Foundation

Stanley and Karen Hubbard

Monica L. Little ’78 and Mark B. Abeln ’81

Lois Simon Charitable Foundation–
Deb Dillaway and Alan Lifson

Minnesota Private College Fund

Karin P. Phillips ’95

The Richard and Jean Coyne
Family Foundation


Mary and Bruce W. Bean

Leslie J. Berkshire

BI Worldwide

Susan Calmenson

Phyllis and Tom Colwell

Jay Coogan and Kathleen Pletcher

Julia W. Dayton

Shannon Evenstad

George Family Foundation–
Next Generation Fund

Judy and Kent Hodder

Janet Jones

Peter J. Lindahl and Susan Blaska

The Longview Foundation–Eleanor C. and Frederick Winston

The Longview Foundation–Lucy C. and
Bob* Mitchell

Love Your Melon

Open Door Foundation–Elizabeth De Baut and David Hartwell

Rockler Jackson Family Foundation–Ann and Robert Jackson

Corey Sauer

Larry Schoenecker

Smaby Family Foundation–Nanci and
Gary Smaby

Alexei Tylevich ’94

Roman J. Verostko

Karen M. Wirth


3M Foundation


Mark Addicks and Tom Hoch

Arts and Culture Heritage Fund through the Minnesota Historical Society

Barnes & Thornburg–Elaine and
Howard J. Rubin

Karen Bohn and Gary Surdel

Sarah Borchers and Brian Kingsley

The Boss Foundation

Melissa and Uri Camarena

Anne M. Cashill

Cinda J. Collins

David Winton Bell Foundation

Megan and James G. Dayton

Tara and Sundeep Dev

Nancy and Rolf Engh

Lisa F. Fredrikson and Todd R. Paulson

Elizabeth and Michael Halvorson ’66

Cindy and Greg Heinemann

Sheila Kennedy

KNOCK, inc.

Larkin Hoffman

Lisa and Gregg Larson

Ginny and Henry C. Llop

The Longview Foundation–Mary C. Dolan

Mitzi and Brent Magid

Medtronic Foundation

The Minneapolis Foundation

Katherine and Stuart Nielsen

Nivin and Duncan MacMillan Foundation

Peterssen/Keller Architecture

Amy and Mark Pihlstrom

Mimi and Benjamin G. Rae III

Debra and James Ryman ’65

Rachael Scherer and Steve Imholte

Mary K. and Gary Stern

Streeter & Associates

Missy Staples Thompson and Gar Hargens

U.S. Trust

Walser Foundation

Will & Ann Eisner Family Foundation, Inc.


Accredited Investors Wealth Management

AIGA Minnesota


Anime Twin Cities

Ted Bair and Harvey Filister

Baker Tilly Virchow Krause, LLP

Blu Dot

The C. Charles Jackson Foundation

Cannon Family Foundation–Judy and
Edward Cannon


Erica Berven, MD, and Ed Charbonneau
’06, MFA

Cuningham Group Architecture

Cy DeCosse Photography, LLC

Andrea Eis ’81 and Steven Rost ’80

Faegre Baker Daniels

iHeartMedia Markets Group

J. E. Dunn Construction

Mary and Jay Jackley

James Dayton Design Ltd.

Sarah ’82 and B. John Lindahl, Jr.

Helen E. and Daniel T. Lindsay

Margaret Rivers Fund

McVay Foundation

Mitchell-Wong Family Foundation


Mary and Clinton H. Morrison

North Bay Companies

Kathleen and Michael O’Keefe

Julia Morrison Palmer and Brian Palmer

Marion and D. Wilkin Parke

Stella and Thomas Press

Prudden & Company

RBC Wealth Management

The Richard & Beverly Fink Family Foundation

Riverland Bank

The Saint Paul Foundation

Shakopee Mdewakanton Sioux Community

Catherine Simmons-Gill

State Farm Companies Foundation

Swiller Lederfine Wealth Management

U.S. Bank

West Photo


A · · · N · · · Z

Anonymous (2)

Allison and Brian A. Adducci ’92

Lisa Anderson

Wendell D. and Lester E. Bagley

Margot and Chris Barry

Bradford Berling ’99

Sally and Maurice Blanks

Patricia and Martin Blumenreich

Kathy Bochert ’80 and John Matheson ’80

Margaret A. and William M. Bracken

Diana Walton Brashears

Rev. Dr. Renea and Joy Brathwaite

Carol and Conley Brooks Jr.

Peggy and Ralph W. Burnet

Christopher G. Cardozo

Craig Fields and Debra L. Cohen ’78

Toni G. Dachis ’78

Tim Larsen and Kay Dixon

Liz Dodson ’50

Roberta Antoine Dressen

The Driscoll Foundation–Kirsten and
Jack Driscoll

Karla Ekdahl and Peter Hutchinson


Christine and Ron Frisk

Emily Galusha and Donald McNeil

Penelope and Mark Greene

Haworth Marketing + Media

The Head Family Foundation

Christopher Hermann and Brian J. Pietsch

Kirsten Brady and Greg J. Hoffman ’92

Glen Hoover ’63

HRK Foundation

Lori and Richard Huckle

James U. Korein and Barbara
Kay Iams-Korein ’75

Julia Kaemmer Fund of HRK Foundation

Cheryl and David Kelsey

Donnie Kenneth

Kingsley H. Murphy Family Foundation–Katherine B. Murphy

M.E. and Chris Kirwan

Allan T. Kohl

Kathryn and Dean Koutsky ’57

Willow and Josh Kreibich

Vince Leo

Searcy T. and John C. Lillehei

Little & Company

The Longview Foundation–Eleanor Crosby

The Longview Foundation–Teri and
Robert Crosby

David Madson

James G. Madson ’87

Betsy and John Massie

Media Loft Incorporated

Bradley Meier

Brent W. Meyers ’97

Midtown Greenway Coalition

Shawn Monaghan and Greg Plotnikoff

Sheila C. Morgan

Murphy & Co. Design

Northern Trust

Oak Grove Foundation–Christine and
John L. Morrison

Kenneth H. Paulus

Mike Perry ’03

Marian and David E. Peterson ’78

Rowena and Charles Pitschka

Rich Rhodes and Mats Sexton

Room & Board

Doris Engibous and Cathy Ryan ’07

Lili Hall Scarpa

Lana and Andy Slavitt

Robyn Waters and Gary Springer ’63

Carol Stephens

David and Boriana M. Strzok ’08

Judy Swanson

Carolyn Taylor

Cindy Theis

Kay Touchette

Sarah and David P. Warch ’94

Wells Fargo

David M. White

Neil White

Whittier Alliance

Winter Seminar

Mike Wolfgang

Dr. Al and Sue Zelickson



Liz Barrere and Dennis Cass

Cindy and Ed Bennett

Gail S. Blake

Tom Bodine

Erin Bowley and Jeremy Szopinski

Anna and Morgan Burns

Tracy Burns

Tara Cain

Ryan Campbell ’97

Nancy Lee Carlson ’76

Marty Friedman and Peggy
Casey-Friedman ’84

Linda and George Chryssomallis

Philip Coonley

Charles M. Denny

Devon and James Diebel

Joan Erickson and Sheldon Sturgis

Marcia Frankenberg

Troy Gillenwater

Seth Goodspeed

Emily and Jed Harris

Elizabeth and Van Z. Hawn

Dana Hazel

Nancy Hernke

Julie and Will Heupel

Penny and Steve Hornig

Melissa and Matthew Huybrecht

Darold E. Johnson ’61

Julie A. Jurrjens

Phyllis Karasov and Alan Olstein

Al Killion

Jennifer Gross

Trisha and Steven London

Robert Lunieski

Macy’s Foundation

Ann Hamilton and Michael J. Mercil ’78

Ella E. Meyerson

Jennifer M. and David Miller

Susan R. Monkmeyer and
Howard C. Quednau

Darril and Susan Otto

Timothy E. Palmquist

Elizabeth Redleaf and Forrest Colburn

Stevie Rexroth

Lara Roy

Gordon R. Salchow ’62

Todd J. and Lisa A. Sammon ’86

Lori Sandel

Elizabeth Sarquis

Kim Schmid

Grace D. Sferra

Krista and William B. Thorburn ’84

Erin and Mark Vannelli

Joanne Von Blon

Francine and Philip Weber

Susan and James Westerman

Wil & Julie Heupel Family Fund

Wit & Delight

Lisa D. and Peter B. Wocken ’05


A · · · N · · · Z

Anonymous (3)

Andrea F. Abbs

Michele Abrams

Benigno Aguilar and Gerald Erickson Jr.

Mary L. Dymond and C. S. Ahlberg ’63

Peter and Susan Ahn

Zoe Zepp Alfveby ’81

Richard K. Allendorf and Paul W. Markwardt

Rebecca J. and H. Steven Alm

Rekhab Alwada

Mary Amlund ’62 and Dale Amlund ’59

Ann E. Anderson

Kristie Anderson

Kristine Anderson

Benjamin Applebaum

Nina Archabal

Sara and Dick Ausman

Daniel Avchen

Mary P. and Thomas L. Bailey

Andy Baird ’76

Bev and Don Bajus ’54

Susan Bass Roberts

Laura Bauman

Melissa C. Bean ’76 and Scott R. Bean ’72

Lisa Beaupre

Elizabeth and John W. Beck

Michelle Beddor

Ron Beining

David J. Benrud and Gregory A. Foster

Dylan Benson

Margarita Berg

Kenneth J. Berglund

Barbee D. Bigger

Arlene L. Birt ’02

Archie C. and Jane McDonald Black

Bob Boldt ’52

Anthony Bosca

Nicole Botsman

Katie Brandt

Maryalice Brenk

Joan and John C. Brooks

Wendy L. and Nicholas M. Brown

Ann Bukoskey

Jane and Edwin Butterfoss

Kevin Byrne

Emmett Carpel

Michael A. Carroll ’68

Jennifer A. Caruso

CenterPoint Energy

Ali Certain

Melody Chestler

Linda Christianson

Rachel M. and Rosser L. Clark

Michelle Clarke

Chris Claude

Benjamin Cochran

Anuradha Codaty

Dylan Cole

Jeff Conrad

Constance Mayeron Cowles & Charles
Fuller Cowles Foundation

Amanda Copeland

Jeanne Corwin

Gayle Crose

Molly Culligan

Michelle Currier

Courtney Cushing

Luciano Daitzchman ’93

K. Meg Davis ’80

Rebecca Debertin

Barbara and Michael A. DiBlasi

Robert Dingmann

Lisa Poseley Duff

Mekea Duffy

Tracy Eberly

Shirley D. Edmonson

Diana Eicher

Jan D. Elftmann ’84 and Dave Lewis

Engler Studio Interior Design

Lisa Erickson

Ernest and Sarah Lehmann Family Fund

John Gerard Eue

Sharon J. Falink-Halgunseth ’62 and
Oliver Halgunseth ’60

Kerry Fauver

Barry Fick

Carole (Gorney) Fisher ’64

Katherine Fleming

Bruno Freeman

Renee Frisch

Faye Frohman

Ben Ganje

Kathryn and James Ganley

Janice Peterson Gelatt ’64

Genevieve Genis Schaffer

Therese Gibbons

K. Giblin ’71

Mark L. Gilberstadt

Cristiana Giordano

Susan and Richard Goldman

Susan and Alton Goodspeed

Malayka and Thomas P. Gormally ’77

Susan and Thomas Grande

Miguel Granger

Christiane Grauert ’99, MFA, and
Santiago H. Cucullu ’99, MFA

Jane Green

Myra and Roger Greenberg

Pam Greiner

Grethen House

Kari Haanstad

Heather Haeg

Brandi Hagen

Renee and John Hallberg

Lori Hammes

H. Bradley Hammond ’66

Chris Haqq

James Hardwick

Jason Harlem ’76

Allyson R. Harper ’81

Jennifer Harrington

Kari Harrison

Viera Hartmannova ’00, MFA

Paula J. Havranek

Donald J. Heffron ’80

John Hemmesch

Sandra Hey

Jennifer Hibbs

Dan Hickel

Leslie Hite

Danika Holbrook

Kristin Hollander

Antonia and Peter Hommeyer

Susan and James Hoseth

Charlyne Hovi

Alicia and Aaron Howe

Elizabeth Hudson

Penny Hunt

Heather and Matthew Hunt

Molly Irgens

David R. Jacobs Jr.

Jackie Jeffery

Nayana Jha

Katherine Jones-Jirka ’79 and
Brad P. Jirka ’76

Andi Johnson

Ezra Jude Johnson

Jennifer Johnson

Paul Johnson

Nancy E. Jones

Mary Kalish-Johnson and Richard Johnson

Shirley Kaplan

Mary M. Kazura ’99 and Chris M. Gerber ’02

Catherine Kelly

Beth Kimball

Roberta Kitlinski

Hannah Klein

Sarah B. and William H. Kling

Katrina Knudson

Sheryl Fay Knutson ’66

Jennifer Kotsmith Kraus

Lauren Kramer

Brendan Kramp

Kay A. Kroeff-Streng

Nancy Kubale ’79

Christine Kwiat

Aimee Lagos

Sharla Landon-Beithon

Jennifer Lang

Jed Larkin

John E. Larsen

Doris and Roland Larson

Bailey Lee

Victoria Lehr

Lisa Leonard

A. Lisa Merklin Lewis and Jon C. Lewis

Nancy Lindenberg

Michelle A. Lobsinger

Caroline B. and James B. Loken

Margaret and Donald M. Longlet

Katrin Loss ’00

Sandra L. and Barton J. Lossing

Nancy Lunning

Anna and Chris Lyon

Ann and Reid MacDonald

Joseph ’71 and Wendy Machlitt

Mary P. and Helmut K. Maier

Denise Mallery

Tammy Mann

Keith Martinsen

Katharine Mauer

T.J. and Taylor McMillan

Sue Melrose

Jon Menell ’93

Janet and Marty Merkt

Michael Meyer and Donna Lewis-Jones ’85

Suzanne and Robert Meyerson

Christine and Thomas Milbrath

Mary and Tim Miley

Karina Milosovich

Carolyn Mitchell

Chris Mitra

Bonnie J. and Jonathan C. Moren

Kerry Morgan and Michael Gaudio

Priya Morioka

Linda and Gordon Louis Mortensen ’64

Kevin Mullen

Melanie Nelson

Sara Nephew

Emily and Will Nicoll

Candace C. Noot

David O’Hara

Woody Olsen ’76

Steve and Tamrah Schaller O’Neil

Wesley Partch ’13

Carli Pearson

Beth Peck ’07, MFA

Lisa and Robert Peck

Alejandra Pelinka

Lucy Penfield

Lesley Pereira

Molly Perry

Jill Pflaum

Pamela Phelan

Kara Pitchford

Susan Plahn

Shannon Plourde

Abigail Power

Michael Green and Jane Elizabeth
Powers ’98, MFA

Heidi and Greg Preslicka

Jonathan T. Pribila and Steven Thiel

Curt Belshe and Lise Prown ’79

Jessica and Peter Prudden

David Purcell

Dale Raasch

Thad Radel

Jody Rappaport

Ed Rath ’74

Andrew J. Reading ’02

John S. Reay

Brian and Dawn Reid

Lorelei and Scott Ritter

Jeffrey Roby

Debbie and Chris Rohrer

Donna Roles

Bill Rude ’96

Charlotte M. Rued

Stephen Rueff

Sharon G. and Robert L. Ryan

Cathy Sams

David Sanborn

Norman Schoening ’55

Schrader-Hernke, Inc.

Jill Schurtz

Miriam A. Seim

Joan Setter

Sima Shahriar

Kali Nikitas and Richard M. Shelton ’87

Andrew Sherrard ’11

Amber Shimpa

Bruce Shriver

Caitlin A. Sidey

Sandy Simmons

Audrey J. Singer ’78

Stephen Skoge

Ella and Dick Slade

Cami and Steve Smalley

Todd Smalley

Winifred Smith

Kim Snow

Snow Kreilich Architects

Linda Solovic and Gary Karpinski

Larisa Speetzen

Rochelle Spinarski

Susan Spray

ChiChi Steiner and Tom Rassieur

Kate Stewart

Tom Stieger

Karen S. Stockert ’85

Lee and Bill Strang

Carol Strohecker

Michelle Sullivan

Timothy Sullivan

Angela and David Sunberg

Heather Tansey

Asmah Tareen

Smitha P. Tassone

John Tastad

Heather Pett Taylor

Mary Yang Thao

Jane C. Tharpe

Kay Thomas and James W. Rustad

Tricia Thomas

Ruby Thomasson

Barbara Thompson

P. Michael Trautner

Emily Anne Staples Tuttle*

Mary and Bill Upjohn

John Ursu

Osamu Urushido ’86

Lee Vaughan

Brooke Voss

Richard Wagoner

Susan Waits

Alexis A. Walsko

John Wang

David C. Warner

Justin L. Weber ’08

Meshach Weber

Benjamin Weeks

Rich Bleyhl and Mary Welke ’77

Mary Welsh

Cindy Welton

Maureen White

Susan and Robert W. White

Michael Whittlef

Robb Whittlef

Karen Wilcox ’01

Frances and Frank S. Wilkinson, Jr.

Suzie Wilmot

Ann Wood ’86 and Dean J. Lucker ’85

Jennifer Zuccola


A · · · N · · · Z

Anonymous (2)

A. Johnson & Sons Florist

Jerry Allan

AmazonSmile Foundation

Judith Amdur ’74

Georgiana L. Anderson

Kari Anderson

Jenny Andreasson

Wesley Applequist

Ruth Appleton

Rekha Balwada

Paul A. Bastyr ’98

Melissa and James Baxter

Susan R. Baysden

Colee Bean

Bethany Bell

Melissa Berezovsky

Sarah M. Bieber

Marcella J. and Frank D. Bode

Kathryn M. and Marvin R. Braun

BRD Foundation

Ann Breitenfeldt

Robert Brittain

Jim Burke

Jeffrey J. Byers

Richard J. Byersdorfer ’68

Joan P. and George L. Carlson

Hua Chen

Stephanie and Brian Childs

Tia Clark

Steve K. Conklin ’88

Kitty Crain

Noble Cumming ’13, MA

Suzanne and David Davison

Andrew R. Dayton

Anne DeBeau-Melting

Tim and Janet P. Dray ’88

Michael Druskin

Samuel Dudley

Amelia J. and John G. Engberg

Amalia E. and Clarence R. Falk

Marsha B. Wolk and Frank B. Freedman

Janet and Charles J. Frisch

Dolores and James J. Garbarini

Jenny Gassman-Pines

General Mills Foundation

Vicki Gjovik

David Goldes

Marge Gray ’48

Jodi Grundyson

Justin P. Heideman ’04

John Hemann

Margaret Hilger

Ryan Horton

Melodie Hrabe

Christine Hutcheson

Susan Jenkins

R. Marianne Kaufmann

Judy Kempa ’70

Mark E. Kinney

Blaine Kirn

Eric C. Kline

Colin Klotzbach

Mary T. Kokernot

Jeanne M. Kroone

Michele A. Krueger-Taufen ’88

Tempest (Baker) Kuykendall ’71

Sarah Kuzel-Leslie

Judith Fairbrother and
Wendy S. Lane ’95, MFA

Mary Ash Lazarus and Barry Lazarus

Paul Lennander

Kathryn S. Lloyd Compton ’74 and
Michael Compton ’74

Bailey Lu

Rachelle and Larry Luna

Marga Laird Lundeen

Gerold and Gunda Luss ’66

Ryan Mallery

Michael A. McClure

Gregory L. McDaniels ’68

Bobbie and Doug McMonagle

McMonigal Architects, LLC

Lindsay and Ian Melander

Ralph Menk

Steven R. Mignone ’76

Dania and Noah T. Miwa ’08

Leslie and Mary Morris

Nancy G. Morrison

Motocrane, LLC

Erin Munson

Judith Murphy

Tom Newton

Ginny and Frank Nicholas

Wanda Lee W. Norby ’52

Ivan Nunez ’95, MFA

Erin Obert

Brian Wiggins and Jill K. Odegaard ’96, MFA

John P. O’Leary

Joseph A. Oliveira

Jonathan Oppenheimer

Mike Ostenson

Jill Anna Parry ’90

Cathy and Thomas I. Peterson

Sarah R. Peterson

Veronika Phillips

John K. Porter

Faith Primacio

Gordon J. Rausch

Mary Ann and Conrad A. Razidlo

Roger A. Rich ’65

Gerald Ronning

Linda Rost

Michelle Rouillard

Pamela and John Ruprecht ’76

Dean Salita

Thea Sanborn ’98

Satin Stitches

Nancy and Steven Schachtman

Maria Scherer

Eileen and Mike Secord

Peter Shapiro

David Shea

Lewis E. Shealy

Siemens Corporation

Luke Silovich

Lori Simon

Ginger L. Sisco

Marcelyn J. and William B. Smale, Jr.

Rebecca L. Smith ’00

Richard K. Stanley ’66

Barbara J. Steen

Greg Steenson

Patric Stevens and Michelle M. Stevens ’94

Margaret and Tom Stewart

Ann Stoylen (Maxine Berg) ’68

Diana R. and John H. Swanson

Carolyn J. Swiszcz ’94 and
Wilson R. Webb ’95

Michael Symeonides

Shirley A. and Richard D. Thompson

David J. Thompson

Scott E. Tomechko ’96

Scott Tschanz

Robert Tunell

Tracie Tuss

Greg Van Bellinger

Vijay Rajamani and Pramila Vasudevan ’04

Paula and Harold W. Vestermark Jr.

Elizabeth A. Walton

Karin Warch

Megan Waterman

Cheryl A. Watson ’77

Donald R. Wicks ’67

Laura Willette

Marguerite P. Wilson

Bonnie Wittenburg and Steven Suppan

Allison Woodbury

Adam J. Wright

Hunter P. and Adam Wright

Tianrui Zhang ’15, MFA

Gifts / Honor and Memorial Gifts

Thank you to the MCAD donors who created a meaningful tribute to a friend, family member, or loved one. This is a profound way to honor a special person while supporting MCAD’s mission.

In honor of Evan Abrahamson ’13

David Shea

In memory of Salomao Daitzchman

Luciano Daitzchman ’93

In memory of Christ Delmonico

Roberta Kitlinski

In memory of Jim Dozier

Marcia Frankenberg
David Madson
Lindsay and Ian Melander
Linda Rost

In memory of Doris and Roland Larson

Jane L. and Michael H. Wipf

In honor of Anne and Jane Lee

Susan Spray

In memory of Jerry LeFevre ’70

Jennifer Gross

In memory of Kate O’Rourke ’01

Julie Jurrjens
Michael Wolfgang

In memory of Judith Roode

Carolyn J. Swiszcz ’94 and Wilson R. Webb ’95

In memory of Norman A. Setter ’56

Joan Setter

Gifts / Matching Gifts

Thank you to the following companies who support their employees through a matching gift program. These contributions maximize individual gifts to MCAD.

3M Foundation

Best Buy Corporation

CenterPoint Energy


Faegre Baker Daniels Foundation


General Electric

General Mills Foundation

Macy’s Foundation

Medtronic Foundation


Siemens Corporation

State Farm Companies Foundations

United Healthcare

U.S. Bank

Gifts / In-Kind Gifts

Donations of goods and services help to relieve MCAD’s budget. Thank you to the individuals and businesses who have made a gift to MCAD.

Thomas Barry

Paul Bearmon

Black Sheep Pizza–Eat Street

Blue 60 Pictures

Brix Real Estate

Donald Browne

James S. Burpee

Dr. Tom Byfield

Kevin Byrne

Erica Berven, MD, and Ed Charbonneau ’06, MFA

Christos Greek Restaurant

Jay Coogan and Kathleen Pletcher

Laura and John Crosby

Dangerous Man Brewing Company

Laura and Thomas A. DeBiaso

Cy DeCosse ’52 and Paula DeCosse

Dunn Bros Coffee

Erin Smith Photography

Fat Lorenzo’s

Al Fix

Gardens of Salonica

David Goldes

Thomas H. Griggs

Icehouse MPLS

Emily C. Johnson ’02

Debra Kelley

Sheri Klein

Jen Klise

Suzanne and Barry Lehsten

Lola Red PR

Love Your Melon, Inc.

Nancy Lunning

Michael Meyer and Donna Lewis-Jones ’85

Minny & Paul

Erin Moren ’07 and Nathan Moren ’08

Farzan Navab ’80

New Scenic Cafe

Outfront Media

Pancho Villa Mexican Restaurant

Pimento Jamaican Kitchen

Glen Puncochar

Rainbow Chinese Restaurant

Geri and Dar Reedy

Room & Board

Sauder Education

Andrew Sherrard ’11

Patricia Simpson

The Smaby Family Foundation

Lynn Sojak

South Lyndale Liquors

StormKing Barbecue

James Tade

Cindy Theis

Krista and William B. Thorburn ’84

Alexei Tylevich ’94

Unique Food Solutions

Wedge Community Co-op

Sharon Wong and Craig Mitchell

Woychick Design

yum! Kitchen and Bakery

Kathleen Zuckerman

2018 Auction at MCAD Artists

Thank you to the artists who have generously chosen to donate a portion of the proceeds from their artwork sold at The Auction at MCAD to the scholarship fund.

Evan Abrahamson ’13

Hend Al-Mansour ’02, MFA

Laura Andrews ’06, MFA

Andy Baird ’76

Michael Bigger*

Julie Buffalohead ’95

Betsy Ruth Byers ’08, MFA

Ed Charbonneau ’06, MFA

Jay Coogan

Toni Dachis ’78

Gregory Euclide ’08, MFA

Sandra Felemovicius ’95

Nathanael Flink ’94

Patrick JB Flynn ’76

Gregory Ganeles ’10

Malayka Gormally

Tom Gormally ’77

Mary GrandPré ’81

Carolyn Halliday

Doug Henders ’83

Pao Houa Her ’09

James Holmberg ’92

Julian Howley ’12

Ryan Hughes ’12

Betni Kalk ’05, MFA

James Kielkopf ’65

Wesley Kimler

Colin Kopp ’06

Nicholas Kovatch ’13, MFA

Kristen Lowe ’88

Barbara McIlrath ’96

Patrick McNeil

Josh Meillier ’13

Jin Meyerson ’95

Patrick Miller ’02

Geoff Mitchell ’99, MFA

Lewis Mohawk

Jeralyn Victoria Mohr ’06

Shelly Mosman ’95

Levi Murphy ’11, MFA

Kelly O’Brien

Casey Opstad ’11, MFA

Paul Paiement ’92

Birney Quick ’51*

Ed Rath ’74

Lindsey Ries ’12, MFA

Bobby Rogers ’14

Amy Sands

Rik Sferra

Alec Soth

Aaron Spangler ’93

Jeremy Szopinski

Roman Verostko

Hanna Vomhof ’11

Andrew Vomhof ’10

Peter Williams ’75

Rochelle Woldorsky ’67

Sara Woster


Art Sale Altruists and International Student Donors

Thank you to MCAD Art Sale Altruists and international student participants who have generously chosen to donate the proceeds from their artwork sold at the MCAD Art Sale to scholarships.

Christopher Alday ’13

Rachael Balsaitis ’13

Julie Benda ’16, MFA

Anna Biedenbender ’16, MFA

Jaeden D. Blawat ’16

Kim Bogeman ’13

Addison Corbit ’16

Magdi Hazaa ’19

Kelsey King ’13

Tanvi Kulkarni ’20

Barret M. Lee ’16

Samantha C. Sang ’17

Jacob Schroeder ’14

Ellen Thomson ’15

Kristin Tipping ’16, MFA

Our best attempt has been made to include all donors who made a gift to MCAD between June 1, 2017, and May 31, 2018. Please email stassone@mcad.edu to report any errors.

Endowments / Programs and Operations

Distinguished Benefactors

Funds of $2,500,000+

Dorothy M. Lindeke Fund

Ethel Morrison Van Derlip Trust

Ralph Whelan Trust

Leadership Benefactors

Funds of $1,000,000+

Andrew W. Mellon Foundation Fund

Elbridge Cooke Trust

Ford Foundation Faculty Development Fund

John R. Van Derlip Trust

Thomas F. Wallace Memorial Fund

Major Benefactors

Funds of $500,000–$999,999

Jean B. McHugh Fund

Minneapolis Clearing House Association Fund

Mr. and Mrs. Theodore W. Bennett Fund*

Patron Benefactors

Funds of $250,000–$499,999

Anonymous Fund

Alden C. Buttrick Fund

Eleanor F. Pillsbury Fund

Richard and Isobel Gale Fund


Funds of $100,000–$249,999

3M Foundation Fund

Anne and Hadlai A. Hull Fund

Betty Bean Flinsch College Convocation Fund

Cargill Foundation Fund

Carolyn McKnight Christian Fund

Mrs. John H. Daniels Fund

John S. Slorp Teaching Fellowship Fund

Putnam D. McMillan Art School Fund

Star Tribune Fund

Target Foundation Fund

William Randolph Hearst Foundation Fund

Associate Benefactors

Funds of $50,000–$99,999

Elizabeth H. Washburn Fund

Elizabeth Hale Fund

Elsie and Mauritz Westmark Fund

F. A. Bean Foundation Fund

Fjelstul ’96 Visiting Artist Fund

George H. Christian Memorial Fund

Grace Bliss Dayton Fund

Gretchen Field Pillsbury Fund

Honeywell Foundation Fund

Leonard G. and Geraldine Carpenter Fund

Mary R. Slater Fund in Memory of Wallace and Lillian Reinhardt

Mr. and Mrs. John Cowles Sr. Fund

Mr. and Mrs. Philip Pillsbury Fund

Northwestern Bell Telephone Fund

Philips Family Foundation Fund

Southways Foundation Fund

Stanley W. Dwinnell Fund

Stella J. Hawkinson Fund

Sumner T. McKnight Foundation Fund

Target Corporation Fund

Virginia and James H. Binger Fund

West Photo Fund

Xcel Energy Fund


Funds of $25,000–$49,999

Edith E. Johnson Fund

Gary L. Rockler Endowed Equipment Fund

Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Maslon Fund

Munsingwear Inc. Fund

Piper Fund

Endowments / Scholarships

Leadership Benefactors

Funds of $1,000,000 +

Ford Foundation Scholarship Fund

MCAD Associates Scholarship Fund

Winifred and Atherton Bean Leadership Scholarship Fund

Major Benefactors


Class of 1978 Merit Scholarship Fund

Dean Wilson Art of Making Scholarship Fund

Donna and Cargill MacMillan Jr. Scholarship Fund

Friends of the College Scholarship Fund

Roy B. Justus Scholarship Fund

Patron Benefactors

Funds of $250,000–$499,999

Athwin Foundation Bachelor of Science Scholarship Fund

Clinton and Mary Morrison Leadership Scholarship Fund

George H. Halpin Memorial Fund

Ida Williams Memorial Scholarship Fund

Jean and Glenn Brooks Scholarship Fund

Lee Lynch and Terry Saario Entrepreneurial Studies Scholarship Fund*

R. Thomas Gunkelman and Gaylord Benson Scholarship Fund

Shirley and Miles Fiterman Scholarship Fund

Virginia M. Binger Merit Scholarship Fund


Funds of $100,000–$249,999

Alice Batzli Scholarship Fund

Andrea Thoe Nasset Memorial Scholarship Fund

Beth Ann Lundin ’93 Memorial Scholarship Fund

Charles Bell Fund

David and Debra Andreas Scholarship Fund

Ella Pillsbury Crosby Scholarship Fund

Frank Austin Carl Memorial Scholarship Fund

Gary L. Rockler Scholarship Fund

General Scholarship Fund

John Garrigan ’62 Scholarship Fund

Kinji Akagawa Fund for Interdisciplinary Studies*

Larry Schoenecker Scholarship

MCAD Art Sale Scholarship Fund*

Michael Guy Sweet ’89 Scholarship Fund

Patricia B. Saunders Scholarship Fund

Paula and Cy DeCosse ’52 Scholarship Fund

Roberto Matta Scholarship Fund

Roman and Alice Verostko Scholarship Fund*

Associate Benefactors

Funds of $50,000–$99,999

Abby Weed Grey Scholarship Fund

Bob and Gerry Nehotte ’62 Scholarship Fund

Business and Industry Scholarship Fund

Edmund J. Phelps Scholarship Fund

Edward M. Johnson Art Scholarship Fund

F. McGovan Scholarship Fund

Gail Blake Scholarship Fund

Gary and Mary K. Stern Supporting Scholarship Fund

Jean Bender Schutz ’61 Scholarship Fund

Kate O’Rourke Memorial Scholarship Fund*

Little & Co. Merit Scholarship Fund

MCAD Alumni Scholarship Fund

Mrs. Paul A. Brooks Fund

The Open Door Scholarship Fund

President Michael O’Keefe Scholarship Fund

Sharon Baver ’76 Scholarship Fund

Susan Calmenson Scholarship Fund

Thomas White ’90 Memorial Scholarship Fund

Tom and Phyllis Colwell Mentoring Scholarship Fund

Travelers Inc. Scholarship Fund

Virginia M. Binger Arts Scholarship Fund

Warren Moen ’49 Scholarship Fund

Winton Jones Scholarship Fund


Funds of $25,000–$49,999

Alexei Tylevich ’94 Scholarship Fund

Anonymous Scholarship Fund

Aribert and Joan Munzner Scholarship Fund

Arthur R. Gruber ’32 Scholarship Fund

Birney Quick ’51 Scholarship Fund

Kelley Lynch Eternal Optimist Scholarship Fund

Kent and Judy Hodder Media Scholarship Fund

Lois J. Simon Memorial Scholarship Fund**

Mark Addicks and Tom Hoch Scholarship Fund

Next Generation Scholarship Fund**

Patricia Kennedy Crump Memorial Scholarship Fund

Paul Olsen Scholarship Fund

Robert L. and Sharon G. Ryan Scholarship Fund

Vince Leo Scholarship Fund

*Fund has moved up in value category

**Newly established fund

Leadership / Trustees

Board of Trustees

Bruce W. Bean, Chairman, Life Trustee

David Moore, Vice Chair

Bill Thorburn ’84, Vice Chair

Uri Camarena, Immediate Past Chair

Jay Coogan, President

Ta-coumba Aiken

Leslie Berkshire

Susan Calmenson

Nancy Carlson ’76

Anne Cashill

Cy DeCosse ’52, Life Trustee

Tara Dev

Joseph Donnelly

Miles Q. Fiterman

Greg C. Heinemann

Mitzi Magid

Clinton H. Morrison, Life Trustee

Elizabeth Nientimp

Todd Paulson

Mark D. Pihlstrom

Mary Bowman Rae

Howard Rubin

Gary M. Surdel

Trustees by Virtue of Office

Jay Coogan, President

Life Trustees

Bruce W. Bean

Cy DeCosse ’52

Clinton H. Morrison

Trustees Emeriti

David Andreas

Gail Blake

Patricia Bratnober Saunders

William Byars

Thomas Colwell

John Cuningham

Sheridan Fenwick*

Shirley Fiterman

Michael Halvorson ’66

David Hartwell

Paul Hile

Kent Hodder

Wayne Huelskoetter

Dean Koutsky ’57

Larry Lamb

James Larson

Mary Ash Lazarus

B. John Lindahl

Ken Lindgren

Lee Lynch

Betsy Massie

Bradley Nuorala

Dwight Oglesby

Brian Palmer

Paul Pesek

Craig Rice

Jim Ryman ’65

Terry Saario

William Sands

Diana Scheff

Rachael Scherer

Gary Stern

Missy Staples Thompson

Hideki Yamamoto

Sue Zelickson

Leadership / Alumni Board of Directors

David jon Finch ’00, President

Hilary Greenstein ’13

Bill Hendricks ’05, MFA

Larry Holderfield ’14

James Holmberg ’92

Katrin Loss ’00

Josh Olson ’15

Bobby Rogers ’14

Jared Tuttle ’14

Leadership / Professors Emeriti

Kinji Akagawa ’68

Jerry Allan

Patricia Allred

Rebecca Alm

Philip R. Anderson

Hazel Belvo

David Nye Brown*

Kevin Byrne

Tom DeBiaso

Frank W. Dreisbach

Elizabeth Erickson

Carole Fisher ’64

Hazel K. Gamec ’67

Tom Garrett ’79

David Goldes

Phebe D. Hanson*

Phil Larson

Vince Leo

Mary McDunn

Russell Mroczek*

Ari P. Munzner

Paul R. Olsen ’48*

Birney Quick ’51*

Peter Seitz

Dick O. Shaw

Roman J. Verostko

Ruth Voights

Dean Wilson


Gifts by Type / 2017–18

Annual Fund 2017–2018

Restricted to Annual Scholarships: 30%

Unrestricted: 22%

Restricted to Artist Fellowship Programs: 17%

Gifts by Source / 2017–18

Annual Fund 2017–2018

Foundations: 25%

Parents and Friends: 18%

Family Foundations: 15%

Trustees: 12%

Alumni: 4%