MCAD engages in the systematic assessment of student learning to enhance teaching and learning, and to inform planning decisions, as we strive to continuously improve.

Assessment helps us identify the outcomes of students’ educational experiences and ensures that students have many varied opportunities to achieve their educational goals.

The information and resources outlined in these pages support MCAD faculty and administrators in the assessment of student learning:

Curriculum-Based Assessment of Student Learning

Student achievement is assessed through Junior Reviews, Senior Reviews, and graduate-level Mid-Program Reviews, as part of the curricula of all of our programs.

Annual Assessment Cycle

The steps all programs at MCAD follow as part of their annual program assessments.

External Program Reviews

Regular evaluation of our undergraduate and graduate programs by external reviewers.

Learning Outcomes

Program learning outcomes, listed by academic department.

Other Sources of Evidence of Student Achievement

Other sources, such as institutional surveys and data sources, utilized by our faculty to assess student achievement.