Illustrating Ideas

Artists, designers, and non-artists alike utilize the "napkin sketch"—simple drawings that capture the essence of an idea, illustrate a prototype, or sell a client on the value of your services. This kind of drawing can also facilitate brainstorming, idea creation, and problem-solving both alone or in a collaborative environment. This course will teach students a simple but structured methodology to create simple visual aids, with an eye towards use in entrepreneurial or professional settings. The class will explore how to make a sketch that’s worth a thousand words. / Open to students ages 16 and above. / View complete policies here.

How does an online course work at MCAD?
Most online courses are asynchronous, meaning that there are no set class meeting times. Instead, courses are project-based, with 2 to 3 deadlines per week, and students can choose a time and place that works best for them to complete the work. Course activities may include readings; video demonstrations and tutorials; online discussions; projects; and critiques. The workload of a 1 credit course is roughly 8-10 hours per week, whether the course is being taken for credit or noncredit.

Required textbook: The Back of the Napkin (Expanded Edition), Dan Roam, (ISBN 13: 978-1591842699)

Required software: A way to record audio; a scanner or digital camera.

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Course Details

2D 3206 20 SP19
Date Start: 
Monday, April 8, 2019
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Tuesday, May 14, 2019
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Open to students ages 16 and above
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Online - Asynchronous
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